Lalmanir Hat- Gitaldaha Railway

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The Lalmanir Hat- Gitaldaha Railway was a metre gauge(MG) line constructed by the Cooch Behar State Railway(CBSR) to connect Gitaldaha to the Bengal Dooars Railway(BDR) at Lalmanir Hat.

Spelling Note

The railway and the towns it served have various spellings. We have adopted the spellings in the “Imperial Gazetteer” of 1908

  • Lalmanir Hat with alternatives ‘Lalmonirhat’, ‘Lalmanirhat’
  • Gitaldaha with alternative ‘Geetaldaha’

The MG railway opened c.1900 and was initially worked by Cooch Behar State Railway(CBSR) ; they operated a 2ft 6in/762mm narrow gauge(NG) railway north from its junction with the MG Eastern Bengal Railway(EBR) at Gitaldaha to Cooch Behar and on to Jainti in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas. In 1910 the CBSR railway was converted to MG [1].

From 1910 the working of the Lalmanir Hat- Gitaldaha Railway was passed to the Eastern Bengal Railway(EBR) which they operated as part of their ‘EBR Metre Gauge’ network together with the CBSR following its conversion to MG.

With partition in 1947 the railway was severed with the closure of the Dadla River bridge and the lines terminated at Gitaldaha (also spelled Geetaldaha) in India and Mogalhat in Lalmanir Hat (spelt Lalmonirhat) District on the E.Pakistan/Bangladesh side. [2] [3]

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