Lower Jhelum Canal Construction Railway

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Lower Jhelum Canal Construction Railway

This canal, originally known as the 'Jhellum Canal' opened in 1901. Renamed the 'Lower Jhelum Canal' as a consequence of the construction from 1904-05 of the 'Upper Jhelum Canal' as part of the'Triple Canal Project' [1]..

Canal Construction Railways

The records show the following railways were constructed during the construction [1]:-

  • 'Baha-ud-din to Rasul Railway'. Construction commenced in Aug 1899 and completed in Sept 1899. The line was worked by the Public Works Department(PWD) carrying building materials until Nov 1899 when it was handed over to the North Western Railway(NWR) who took over its working.
  • 'Wadala Kanker Quarry to Wazirabad Railway'. Construction commenced in Aug 1899 and completed in Oct 1899 when it opened to traffic.
  • 'Bhaganwala station to Canal Stone Quarry '. A siding was commenced in Sep 1899 and finished in Nov 1899 when it opened for traffic.

The first two bays of the weir and regulator for the canal were completed by the end of season 1900-01, and the under sluice bridge was brought up to the level required for the girders of the railway to be built across the weir for the transport of materials for the rest of the weir and right abutment.

  • 'Bhaganwala Stone Quarry Railway'. A further extension was added in 1901.

The canal was commissioned in 1901. All these railways and quarries were utilised in 1904-05 for the 'Upper Jhelum Canal' Construction - see separate page


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