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Lumsden’s Horse was a volunteer force which left Calcutta in early 1900 for South Africa, recruited mainly from the Volunteer Regiments. Many of the volunteers were either indigo, tea or coffee planters.

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  • Lumsden’s Horse from Anglo Boer War
  • William Holmes, later Lt. Col. John David William Holmes MC, joined Lumsden’s Horse and his story is told in William Holmes, in his “Autobiography” and “Letters Home from the Boer War” from The Progonion
  • Lieutenant Colonel Eden Currie Showers, 2nd in command of Lumsden's Horse, was killed in action near Thaba N'chu, South Africa, April 30th, 1900. He had been a tea planter in Assam and had served as Commandant of the Surma Valley Light Horse Volunteers. Assam Valley Light Horse (also Surma Valley Light Horse) from

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