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Presidency: Madras
Coordinates: 22.198745°N, 113.54387°E
Present Day Details
Place Name: Macau
State/Province: Macau Special Administrative Region
Country: China
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Alternative spelling: Macau.

A Portuguese colonial interest in China. After Napoleon invaded Portugal, the Macao Expedition was launched against a potential French threat.


The original records were previously in the Guildhall Library and are now in the London Metropolitan Archives DL/E/E/059/MS11218: Transcripts of baptisms 1820-38, marriages 1822-38 and burials 1821-38 at Macao, and burials 1820-4 at Whampoa (registered at Macao), with certificates of marriages at the China Inland Mission at Wanhsien 1934, and Chengtu 1935.
Some/all of these records for baptisms and marriages are available on FamilySearch as transcribed indexes. These records are in the World category (All Records Collections) in a group of records called World Miscellaneous.
Baptisms batch C310001. It is not known whether this is the complete data set.
Marriages batch M310001 (16 marriages) It is not known whether this is the complete data set. (If the links are unstable, enter the batch numbers in Family Search.)
  • The BACSA Archive at the British Library holds information on both the Old and New Protestant Cemeteries in Macao under ref Mss Eur F370/816
  • An East India Company Cemetery: Protestant Burials in Macao by Lindsay Ride, May Ride, Bernard Mellor Hong Kong University Press, 1996 is available at the British Library (UIN: BLL01009530467). A searchable limited view with sample pages is available at Google Books
This book may be viewed at a FamilySearch Centre on a FamilyHistory computer, catalogue entry. For more details, see the Fibiwiki page FamilySearch Centres.

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