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The commercial site findmypast has digital images and transcriptions from the India Office Records at the British Library, (released 29 January 2014).

For a description of the databases, see External links below: "FindmyPast British India Office Collection".

Categories often cover a wide range of records. This is particularly true for those which might, at first glance, appear to relate only to church records. For example, the sections on births and baptisms also include such records as Addiscombe Cadets and Writer applications and those in the Deaths and Burials category show returns of death of uncovenanted civil servants and other officers which give details of family and property left by the deceased.

A full list of the records available in the British In India Collection on findmypast can be found on the British Library website, refer External links below.

Note that some India Office Records will not be found in the findmypast database, (for technical or other reasons) but may be found on FamilySearch, as transcribed index records and microfilms. Examples are some/all of the records from Madras: Baptisms, Marriages, Burials ‎ (Oct 1815-May 1818) IOR/N/2/6 FamilySearch microfilm 506957 and Madras: Roman Catholic Returns of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials ‎ (1838-1839) IOR/N/2/RC/1-2 FamilySearch microfilm 530008. Note that names may be transcribed incorrectly which will affect the findmypast Search. If you cannot find a record you are looking for, cross check with records on Familysearch, or try a more general search on findmypast. See "11 tips for searching", External links below.

For privacy reasons be aware that a limited transcription only is available with no digital images for births after 1914, and for marriages after 1929. These dates were the restrictions in place when the databases were introduced in 2014. Expanded details of these restricted records can be obtained from the British Library or from FamilySearch microfilm.

Other records

There are other findmypast datasets which contain, or may contain, records relating to India.

  • findmypast category "Directories & social history/ Social history"
    • British In India. Released 24 December 2015. Transcriptions and images from cards completed by Major Vernon Charles Padget Hodson (1883-1963), Lt. Col. Herbert Kendall Percy-Smith FSG (1897-1975) and others held at the Society of Genealogists, "British in India documents female relatives of officers of the Bengal Army, Madras Army and Bombay Army, along with British civil servants, chaplains, merchants, plantation owners, labourers and British people in India after the East India Company period".Note: The Search facility does not pick up the majority of the female names, only the male names. Most of the female names are only revealed when looking at the male records.
  • findmypast category "Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records"
    • British Nationals Armed Forces Births, Marriages, Deaths. (3 datasets). For a description of these index records see Chaplains Returns.
    • British Armed Forces, Roman Catholic Registers, covering 1836-1975 (introduced 2017/11). There is a related Browse database. The registers were created by the Bishopric of the Forces, the religious officials of the Roman Catholic Church responsible for the pastoral care of Roman Catholics in the military, and are from The Scottish Catholic Archives. Includes locations in the UK as well as bases in Cairo, Cyprus, Malta, and more.
    • British Nationals Born Overseas, Married Overseas, Died Overseas. (3 datasets). Currently (February 2015) these are index records. For a description see General Register Office
    • A dataset called "British Overseas Marriages" 1818-2005, includes some transcriptions of marriages at St John's Calcutta and , in spite of the dataset title, appear to be from the late 1700s/early 1800s. These are transcriptions, elsewhere [1] stated to be from records at the Society of Genealogists, and are very limited in information. Only the year of marriage is given, and there are no details of the spouse. See Calcutta for possible sources of these records. There are also records from other counties in this dataset.
    • For records relating to BMD events at sea, see Births, marriages and deaths at sea‎.
    • A dataset called "Probate Calendars Of England & Wales 1858-1959", located in the sub-category "Wills & probate". For more details, see Wills, Administrations, Probate and Inventories.
  • For military records:
    • See British Army
    • Indian Army. There is an incorrectly titled dataset "British Army, Indian Volunteer Force Medal Awards 1915-1939", located under Armed forces & conflict/Medal rolls and honours. The information for each transcript was extracted from the Indian Army Orders by Kevin Asplin.
  • findmypast category "Newspapers and periodicals". Online newspapers. See Newspapers.
  • findmypast category "Census, Land & Surveys"
    • Census records may be useful for locating children at school in Britain, whose parents are in India. Census records are also available on Ancestry. Note: 1911 Census of Scotland is not included - this is available on ScotlandsPeople.
    • This category also contains electoral registers which may be useful if you are tracing a person who has returned or immigrated to the UK. The main database is "England & Wales, Electoral Registers 1832-1932", although there are gaps in the records for various years, and not all constituencies are included (ongoing project). These records are displayed as pdf documents. There is also the associated dataset "England & Wales, Electoral Registers 1832-1932 Image Browse". Read the findmypast Search tips. There are also electoral registers on Ancestry.
  • findmypast category "Travel & migration", subcategory Passenger lists contains the dataset "Passenger Lists Leaving UK 1890-1960". Also see Passenger lists.

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