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Information on migration between East and West Indies.

There are many surnames common to both India and the West Indies, particularly Jamaica. "I wondered if anybody thought to look westwards when they hit a brick wall in India".[1]

A number of families who were active in India, had in previous generations also taken part in the development of the West Indies. Some of the most effective officers in India during the 1780's and 1790's had previously served in the West Indies. The reverse also applied. Planters from India moved to the West Indies to run plantations there.[2]

Online records

  • Also see External links and Historical books online, below.
  • Also see General Register Office [United Kingdom] for general information about birth, marriage and death records for British nationals abroad.
  • Also see Chaplains Returns for general information about birth, marriage and death records for British Army soldiers and their families abroad, as there were British Army regiments stationed in the West Indies.
  • FamilySearch, a free website, contains transcribed records relating to the Caribbean, and in addition many images. From the list of all Historical Record Collections, use the filters on the right hand side of the webpage to select "Caribbean and Central America". Note there are some overall Caribbean databases, and also specific country databases. There may be additional databases found by Searching the Catalog. Alternatively, from the Records/ Search page, first click on Browse Places, then click on the map for the Caribbean/West Indies area, and select a country. However, check that the overall Caribbean databases are also included through the specific country pages.
Historical Images, reached from FamilySearch/Search/Images is an alternative way of accessing records available as images on your home computer, but will not access databases only available as transcribed indexes, or records which are only available at Family History Centres, or FamilySearch Affiliate Libraries.
Also see External records below for the FamilySearch Wiki page.
FamilySearch microfilms include Wills, 1756-1930 Jamaica. Supreme Court and records using keywords Jamaica. Registrar General, most of which seem to be available on home computers. There may be additional microfilms. See the Fibiwiki page FamilySearch Centres for information about microfilms and digitised microfilms.
Note, you must be signed in to FamilySearch to view the records.
There also appear to be some records for the Danish West Indies, now the Virgin Islands (U.S.), which are handwritten records in Danish, appearing on page 11 of this catalogue entry, available on home computers. Note however, although catalogued as if wholly for the West Indies, they appear to be included with other records, so it would be difficult to locate them unless you read Danish.
Three free databases were added to Findmypast 17 September 2021 which are Index records with links to images on the British Library Endangered Archives Project. Turks & Caicos Births & Baptisms, 1792-1934, Turks & Caicos Marriages, 1799-1940 and Turks & Caicos Deaths & Burials, 1804-1947. These are Anglican, Methodist and civil records (but no civil marriage records).
Findmypast database "Caribbean Rolls Of Honour WW1" located in Military, Armed Forces & Conflict/First World War, added c 16 Oct. 2020, with initial data relating to Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago, with more data, for Bahamas, Barbados, St Kitts & Nevis and Bermuda added c 27 Nov. 2020. Source of data is not stated, but see External links below for a similarly named website.
Findmypast, in the category "Newspapers & Periodicals"/British newspapers includes newspapers classified by 'County' for Antigua, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Jamaica, and Saint Kitts (as at 2021/02/20), Saint Lucia, Trinidad (added c 2022/06/14) and British Guiana (added 2022/10/18). (British Newspapers are available to individuals with a Pro subscription (previously called World subscription, or the top subscription) but not via library and community subscriptions. (Previously British newspapers were also available with the British subscription, but this no longer applies for new subscriptions.)) The same titles are also available on the pay website British Newspaper Archive, classified both by 'Region' and 'County' with the same headings.
  • Antigua
    • Antigua Observer (Details of this publication[5].) BNA page. Added Feb 5, 2021. Available years 1848, 1870-1903.
    • Sun (Antigua) (Details of this publication[5].) BNA page. Added Feb 12, 2021. Available for 1912. Added Jul 28, 2022 newspapers for 1911, 1913-1920.
    • Antigua Standard (Details of this publication[6].) BNA page. Added Jul 25, 2022. Available 1883-1890 with planned coverage to 1908.
    • Leeward Islands Gazette (Details of this publication[7].) This publication was the government gazette for the Leeward Islands covering Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and the Virgin Islands. BNA page. Added Oct 20, 2022. Available for the year 1893 only.
  • Barbados
    • Barbados Agricultural Reporter (Details of this publication[8].) BNA page. Added Feb 2, 2021. Available for 1845, 1870-1886 with planned range 1845 and 1870–1922. Added Jul 15, 2022 newspapers for 1896, 1911-1922.
    • Barbados Mercury BNA page. Added May 16, 2021. Earliest issue: April 5, 1783 and latest issue: April 11, 1789.
    • Barbados Mercury and Bridge-town Gazette BNA page. Added May 16 2021. Earliest issue: January 3, 1807 and latest issue: September 22, 1848.
    • The Barbadian BNA page. Added May 15-16, 2021. Earliest issue: December 14, 1822 and latest issue: December 30, 1861
    • Barbados Herald (Details of this publication[9].) BNA page. Added August 1-3, 2022. Earliest issue: April 3, 1879 and latest issue: July 25, 1896.
  • Belize previously British Honduras.
    • Colonial Guardian (Belize) (Details of this publication[10]). BNA page. Added 28 August 2020. Initial coverage is, earliest issue: 7 January 1882 and latest issue: 25 December 1897, with planned coverage to 1913. Belize was previously known as British Honduras, usually classified as a Caribbean country although located on the northeastern coast of Central America.
  • Dominica
    • Dominica Chronicle (Details of this publication[11].) BNA page. Added Jun 14, 2022 and Jun 22, 2022 with earliest issue: January 5, 1910, latest issue: December 29, 1915 with planned coverage to 1917.
    • Dominica Dial (Details of this publication[5].) BNA page. Added Feb 5, 2021, with earliest issue: January 6, 1883 and latest issue: July 5, 1890.
    • Dominica Guardian (Details of this publication[11].) BNA page. Added Jun 14, 2022 and Jun 22, 2022 with earliest issue July 1, 1893, latest issue: December 15, 1921.
  • Guyana previously British Guiana
    • Official Gazette of British Guiana (Details of this publication[7].) BNA page. Added Oct 18, 2022 with earliest issue: January 1, 1893, latest issue: December 27, 1919. British Guiana was considered to be part of the British West Indies, although located on the northern coast of South America.
  • Jamaica
    • Royal Gazette of Jamaica or other titles added c 20 March 2020 with coverage 1779-1781, 1793-1794, 1809, 1811-1819, 1824-1828, 1834-1836, 1838-1840, with Earliest issue: May 1, 1779 and Latest issue: March 28, 1840.
The same titles are also available on the pay website British Newspaper Archive, with this link providing details.
Update 9 August 2021. Now available as “Free to View Pages” on both Findmypast and the otherwise pay site British Newspaper Archive. Pages are searchable. Details[3].
  • Budget (Jamaica) (Details of this publication[8].) BNA page Added Feb 2, 2021. Available years 1877-1883, 1886-1888, with planned coverage 1877-1888.
  • Colonial Standard (Jamaica) (Details of this publication[11].) BNA page. Added Jun 14, 2022 and Jun 22, 2022 with earliest issue April 5, 1858, latest issue: June 29, 1895 with planned coverage from 1812. Added Jul 20, 2022 newspapers from 1865, 1867, 1870, 1872, 1874, 1879.
  • Morning Journal (Kingston) (Details of this publication[8].) BNA page. Added Feb 2, 2021. Available years 1838-1840, 1858, 1864-1875 with planned coverage 1838–75.
  • The American pay website NewspaperArchive.com includes the following titles
De Cordovas Advertising Sheet 03 May 1858
Jamaica Guardian 24 August 1868
Kingston Gleaner 13 September 1834, with editions to 1950 and beyond, (see details of issues available, (for Kingston Gleaner with links to other titles)).
Kingston Sunday Gleaner 13 September 1834, with editions to 1950 and beyond.
Previously these titles were also available on Findmypast, but were withdrawn c 2 August 2021, as the licence was not renewed.
  • St. Kitts
    • Saint Christopher Advertiser and Weekly Intelligencer (Details of this publication[8].) BNA page. Added Feb 2, 2021. Available years 1839-1840, 1855, 1869-1888, 1897-1909, with planned coverage 1839–1909.
    • St. Christopher Gazette (Details of this publication[8].) BNA page. Added Feb 2, 2021. Available years 1771, 1837, 1839-1840, 1848, 1871-1888, 1908-1909, with planned coverage 1771, 1837–1909.
    • St. Kitts Daily Express (Details of this publication[8].) BNA page. Added Feb 2, 2021. Available years 1884, 1886, with 1884–1915 planned. Added Jul 27, 2022 newspapers for 1906, 1909-1915.
  • St. Lucia
    • Voice of St. Lucia (Details of this publication[11].) BNA page. Added Jun 14, 2022 and Jun 22, 2022 with earliest issue: January 31, 1885 and latest issue: December 25, 1915 with planned coverage to 1927. Added Jul 20, 2022 newspapers for 1889.
  • Trinidad and Tobago
    • The Trinidad Chronicle (Brief details of this publication [12].) BNA page. Added Aug 10-12, 2022 with earliest issue: November 11, 1864 and latest issue: September 30, 1885.
    • Mirror (Trinidad & Tobago) (Details of this publication[11].) BNA page. Added Jun 15, 2022 and Jun 22, 2022 with earliest issue: January 28, 1898, latest issue: December 31, 1915. Added Jul 20, 2022 newspapers for 1899-1900, 1912-1913, 1916.
It is possible to browse individual editions on BNA, in addition to searching. To browse the Findmypast editions, use the filters under "Narrow your search results" (left hand side of the webpage) "By Newspaper" and "By Date".
  • Ancestry Card Catalogue of all Record Databases (located as an option under the Search tab). Ancestry is a pay website. Use Search terms such as Caribbean, or individual island names such as Barbados, or Jamaica. Note some of the databases are FamilySearch data, see above (where it is free data).
Also included is the Ancestry database "Caribbean, English Settlers in Barbados, 1637-1800" (located in BMD) from a series of six books (one of baptisms, two of marriages and three of wills) published 1979-1984 by Joanne McRee Sanders using data from copied parochial registers in the Barbados Department of Archives. The books Barbados Records Baptisms 1637-1800 and Barbados Records Marriages, 1643-1800, Volume 1 which are part of this Ancestry database are available online (free), see below.
Ancestry also includes the database "England, Andrews Newspaper Index Cards, 1790-1976". This is part of the Birth, Marriage & Death, including Parish, section of pay website Ancestry database and holds some genealogical information relating to countries "abroad" [from England], compiled from from newspapers and various official sources. Search by name or individual country such as Jamaica. Includes filings under the Colonial Probates Act of 1892 (which recognized probates from courts in British possessions).
Ancestry also includes databases from the books Scots in the West Indies, 1707-1857 by David Dobson 1998 (there was subsequently a Volume 2 published in 2006, which appears not to be included in the Ancestry database, which is located in "Immigration & Emigration") and The Original Scots Colonists of Early America. Caribbean Supplement 1611-1707 by David Dobson 1999 (located in "Dictionaries, Encyclopedias & Reference"). See Scotland for some background about the Scottish diaspora.
  • For further books by David Dobson available online, see Historical books online below.
Also see other book titles by David Dobson, not available online, under "Other records", below.
  • Kabristan Archives -Ireland -Ceylon -India Genealogy Includes a Search, with a partial transcription of records. Search for free, then pay for a full record. Includes one database relating to Jamaica “Moravian Graveyards India and Jamaica 1755-1971” located under India & Nepal. Moravian missionaries were the first large-scale Protestant missionary movement.
  • Online newspapers are available from free websites, pay websites and through library subscription websites and are mentioned below on this page. There are also many transcriptions from newspapers available.
  • Archives nationales d'outre-mer, ANOM French National Overseas Archives. French language website. Previously there was an English language version available, but generally this does not now seem available for the entire website, although there is the English language webpage Searches which contains a link to the Digitised Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths, in addition to a People and Families Name Database. For the former, select, then click on the Caribbean area Caraïbes showing online records from Guadeloupe, Guyane, Martinique, Saint-Barthélémy, Saint-Domingue, Saint-Martin, Sainte-Lucie. Then click on État civil for Civil records including Birth, Marriages and Deaths. If you can't see the record images, you may need to download the latest Java software. French Colonial Empires: Caribbean, Guyana general description. English language page, also contains details of the Departmental Archives for Guadeloupe, Guyane, and Martinique.
Ulysse, ANOM's searchable database of images, including maps from the colonial period (in French).
For more details about the ANOM website, and sources for French records generally, see French.
  • Danish West Indies, Dansk Vestindien, (De vestindiske Øer, The West Indian Islands) consisting of the islands St. Thomas, St. Jan and St. Croix, (which were purchased by the USA in 1917, now named the Virgin Islands, the long standing English name). Britain had occupied the Danish West Indies in 1801–02 and 1807–15 during the Napoleonic Wars.
    • Danish West Indies (English language page, now archived) with a link to a page about digitised newspapers, mainly English language, now archived. Using the names of the relevant newspapers, Search for newspapers in the current website, in the section Mediestream. Even the Danish titles appear to contain at least some English text. kb.dk. Det Kgl. Bibliotek (Royal Danish Library). The newspapers all seem to have been published at Christianssted/Christiansted.
    For category Maps (digitised, from the same website). From Digitale samlinger scroll down to Kort & Atlas/Saerudgivelser then scroll down to Vestindien.
  • Netherlands Antilles.
    • Dutch language article from the website WieWasWie, a Dutch pay genealogical website. Using Google Translate gives "WieWasWie contains the civil status records of the six islands that were part of the former Netherlands Antilles: Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, St Eustatius and St Maarten. To search in all records of the Antillean civil status, under 'Advanced search', under 'Country', first select World, and then under 'Region' Netherlands Antilles."
    • Search online newspapers and books on the free Dutch language website Delpher, developed by the KB (National Library), "Ruim 130 miljoen pagina's uit Nederlandse kranten, boeken en tijdschriften" ["More than 130 million pages from Dutch newspapers, books and magazines"]. Wat zit er in Delpher? (Dutch language) advises there are newspapers “de Antillen, Amerika en Suriname”, with a link to Krantenoverzicht which then links to a pdf, List of newspapers (Dutch language).

Other records

  • The Society of Genealogists holds some records relating to the West Indies. Search the catalogue to see what is currently available. The holding at November 2012 is set out in the archived webpage Overseas: West Indies. Some of the sources are from Caribbeana - all of these volumes are available online, refer below. Also includes the book Tracing your West Indian ancestors: sources in the Public Record Office: PRO readers’ guide, no. 11 [by Guy Grannum, 1995, subsequently republished as Tracing your Caribbean ancestors : a National Archives guide 2012], now available online, see below.
  • The British Library holds the book Lists from the San Fernando Gazette, Trinidad, West Indies, 1865-1896 by Tian Uddenberg & Karen Vaucrosson 2002 UIN: BLL01012465957 . This book is also held by the FamilySearch Family History Library, where the catalogue entry says "This book is a compilation of births, deaths, and marriage announcements, as well as news items, Burgess lists, land rate delinquencies, entrepreneurial activities, and other lists", and perhaps may become digitally available in the future.
Note, at least some issues of this newspaper are now available online, see below.
  • The British Library holds the book Monuments of the Cathedral-Church and Parish of St. Catharine: being part I. of Church Notes and Monumental Inscriptions of Jamaica, in the year 1824 by John Roby, published Montego-Bay, Jamaica : A. Holmes, 1831. UIN: BLL01003126950 . Also available at Yale University Library where the book contains "Ms. notes and additions in text".
By the same author: The history of the parish of St. James, in Jamaica : with notes on the general history, genealogy, and monumental inscriptions of the island by John Roby. Published Kingston, Jamaica : Printed by R.J. De Cordova, 1849. Contains information to 1740.[13] Held by Yale University Library, bound in three parts, with "Ms. corrections of author in text". There are also references to microfiche of this book published "Ann Arbor, Mich. : UMI, 2008. 2 microfiches ; 11 x 15 cm. (Genealogy and local history ; LH19183)". UMI [University Microfilms International] became part of Proquest, but current situation is unclear.
  • The British Library and Oxford and Cambridge University Libraries hold a number of Almanacs and Directories, in respect of different islands and time periods, some of which are also available online, see below. The titles at the BL include:
    • The British Guiana Directory and Almanack for 1878, 1879, 1889, 1891, 1892, 1894, 1896. UIN: BLL01000945668
    • An Almanack for ... 1879, containing ... information respecting ... British Honduras UIN: BLL01001147477 . The British Honduras Almanac ... 1884 UIN: BLL01001148106
    • Douglass & Aikman's Almanack and Register for the Island of Jamaica for 1791 and 1793 UIN: BLL01001149175 and UIN: BLL01001149176 . Oxford University catalogue entry for this title for 1785, 1789, 1792, 1794, 1796 and 1820, 1832, 1839, 1840, 1842 (Books not available online).
    • Jamaica, ... De Souza's shipping, railway and general commercial handbook and business directory. 1912-1916. Series De Souza's Commercial Handbook. BL UIN: BLL01000945952. Cambridge University holds the 1916 edition.
    • The St. Lucia Handbook, Directory and Almanac for ... 1900 BL UIN: BLL01001152255 . The 1901 edition is available online, see below.
    • The “Mirror” Almanack and general commercial Directory [of Trinidad] for 1894, 1897, 1898, 1901, 1904-07, 1910, 1911. BL UIN: BLL01001151064 .
  • Books by David Dobson, who is also the author of books available online, see above and below. David Dobson FamilySearch Wiki.
    • Scots in Jamaica 1655-1855 published 2011. Available at the National Library of Scotland, catalogue entry; also available FamilySearch Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA catalogue entry. (Description[14]).
    The People of Jamaica, 1655-1855 published 2019. (Description[15]). Generally does not include Scots, who are covered in the earlier book.
    • People of the Leeward Islands : 1620-1860 published 2018. Available FamilySearch Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, catalogue entry. (Description [16])
    • The People of the Windward Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, and Curacao 1620-1860 published 2019. Google Books description. Available FamilySearch Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, catalogue entry. Stated to be a reprint of a 2010 book.[17] (Description[18])
    • The People of Barbados, 1625-1875 published 2020. (Description[19]) The Scots are covered in his earlier book, available online, refer above.
  • Indian Indentureship Collection. List of the General Registers of Indian Indentured Labourers 1845-1917 National Archives of Trinidad and Tobago.

Also see

Information about the database Caribbean Newspapers 1718 - 1876, part of Readex World Newspapers Archive, and a database containing Blue Books from many Caribbean countries. The Creole Almanack for Trinidad and Tobago for the four years 1891-1894 is also available.

External links

FamilySearch Genealogy Research Groups, also called Family Search Community. FamilySearch Wiki. Includes links to 'closed' Facebook groups (where you must be accepted by an Administrator) for the Caribbean and Jamaica. Note, to sign up to these groups you must be a Facebook member, and then may need to be signed in to FamilySearch, and then may need to agree to conditions set by FamilySearch Community, including access to your data.
Scroll to article (5th page) "Seventeenth Century Immigration to North America from Great Britain and Ireland" written by what is now Family Search 1976. lib.byu.edu. Includes the West Indies. Note, due to the date of this article, some sources may now be available online.
  • Caribbean family history: An introduction to tracing your Caribbean ancestors. Caribbean Roots website. Includes information about Civil Registration, and addresses of Registry Offices. For example, births were registered from 1890 in Barbados, and 1880 in Jamaica. Also see the online book below Tracing your Caribbean Ancestors : a National Archives Guide.
  • CaribbeanGenWeb. This site is part of the WorldGenWeb Project and is the regional resource page for research in the Caribbean. This site may now have ceased, if so, possibly some information may be obtained from the archived website, as at 2021/05/11.
  • TriniGenWeb for Trinidad. Is/was part of CaribbeanGenWeb, although a different website. The website appears not to have been updated for some years, but some information is still useful. sites.rootsweb.com.
Trinidad Collection freepages.rootsweb.com
  • British Guiana Colonists an index to an on-going database of 18th and 19th century residents of the colonies of Berbice, Demerara, and Essequebo, of over 15900 individuals. Generally considered part of the British West Indies, although geographically located on the northern coast of South America. British Guiana Wikipedia
    • Guyana Colonial Newspapers Transcripts of early 19th century newspapers from the colonies that made up present day Guyana from microfilm from National Archive of the Netherlands.
The Guyana/ British Guiana Genealogical Society includes Transcriptions.
(An older version of the website, but with a different but current URL is The Guyana/ British Guiana Genealogical Society: Transcriptions Then click on "Vital Records (Births, Engagements, Marriages, Deaths)". sites.rootsweb.com.)
The transcriptions by Inge R Veecock and Thomas Kidman are also listed in the FamilySearch catalogue as available as two books and one CD-ROM respectively.
  • Bermuda is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, not the Caribbean, but as a British Overseas Territory is generally grouped as part of the British West Indies. There were both British Army and Royal Navy bases, see Bermuda Garrison Wikipedia. Bermuda was one of four British colonies in the world located in strategic positions designated an Imperial fortress Wikipedia, so was an important base for the Royal Navy.
British Military Graves in Bermuda bermuda-online.org, archived. There is mention of the book Bermuda memorial inscriptions by H.R. & R.C. Tulloch 2011 which is available at the British Library UIN: BLL01015905917 .
British Army units posted to Bermuda from 1701 to 1977 bermuda-online.org, archived
The Army Children Archive (TACA): History Matters. Scroll down to two items "TACA Correspondence: British Army Birth, Marriage And Burial Records In Bermuda" and "The Historical Relationship Between The British Army, Bermuda And Bermudians". A book mentioned as a good source of records 19th century church registers of Bermuda by A. C. Hollis Hallett is available, 1st edition 1997, at the British Library BLL01008587870. There was a later updated edition 2005, available online, see below.
Boer Prisoners of War. Prisoners of War: POW Camps Overseas from Anglo-Boer War Museum, Bloemfontein, South Africa. Anglo Boere Oorlog/Boer War (1899-1902) POW Bermuda geni.com. Bermuda, Long Island, Boer Cemetery, Monument Photographs. graves-at-eggsa.org.
Explore Genealogy Research with a Genealogy database. National Museum of Bermuda. "Become a member to get full access to all downloadable documents".
Bermuda Genealogy Resources Bermuda National Library.
  • openarchives "search the genealogical data of Dutch and Belgian archives". Includes Slave registers from Curaçao and Suriname together with other records. openarch.nl . Website in English.
  • Rootsweb Message Boards: Carribean. Part of Ancestry. Search the Archives. It is still possible to post a Message Board query, but prior registration is required.
Search the Rootsweb Mailing Lists Archives for a specific List and then search, or Search All Rootsweb Mailing Lists including Barbados, Jamaica etc. The Mailing Lists closed March 2020, but the Archives remain searchable.
These pages c 2008 are from the archived website “Empire’s Children”, a website connected with the 2007 Channel 4 television series of the same name. Note, some of the information may now be outdated. Many of the internal links have not been archived.
There is a "Resources" chapter in the book Empire’s Children: Trace Your Family History Across the World by Anton Gill 2007, (Archive.org Books to Borrow), which consists mainly of a bibliography and does not include records. This book accompanied the television series Empire's Children.
from University of Florida Digital Collections
The Jamaica Gleaner, from 1834, a pay website, provided by NewspaperArchive. One day pass available.
Caribbean Genealogy Part 3 - Jamaican Slave Register and Slave Owner "Reparations" by TerrenceDixon. YouTube video.


Historical books online

1574-1660 1860, Volume 5, 1661-1668 1880 and Volume 7, 1669-1674 1889, both transcribed editions BHO, 1675-1676 and Addenda 1574-1674 1893 all edited by W Noel Sainsbury; 1677-1680 edited by W Noel Sainsbury and WJ Fortescue 1896: 1681-1685 reprint edition, first published 1898,1685-1688 1899, 1689-1692 1901, January 1693-14 May 1696 1908, 15 May 1696- 31 October 1697 1904, 27 October 1697-31 December 1698 1905, the latter all edited by W J Fortescue;
1699 and Addenda 1621-1698 1908, 1700 1910, 1701 1910, Jan.-Dec.1. 1702 1912, Dec. 1. 1702-1703 1913, 1704-1705 1916, 1706-1708, June 1916,June, 1708-1709 1922, 1710-June 1711 1924, July 1711-June 1712 1925, July 1712-July 1714 1926, August 1714-December 1715 1928. Jan. 1716-July 1717 1930, August 1717-Dec.1718 1930, January 1719 to February 1720 1933, March 1720-December 1721 1933, 1722-1723 1934, 1724-1725 1936, 1726-1727 1936, 1728-1729 1937, 1730 1937, 1731 1938, 1732 1939, 1733 1939, the latter all edited by Cecil Headlam;
1734-1735, Vol. XLI 1953, 1735-1736, Vol. XLII 1953; 1737, Vol. XLIII 1963, 1738, Vol. XLIV 1969, 1739, Vol.XLV 1994, the last three edited by K G Davies.
All editions, transcribed BHO, British History online. Searchable.
Journal of the Commissioners for Trade and Plantations from April 1704 to February 1708-9 [Volume 1] 1920 Archive.org. 14 transcribed editions 1704-1782 BHO, British History online. Searchable
Vol. I 1910, Contents; Vol. II 1912, Contents; Vol. III 1914, Contents; Supplement to Vol.IV The Registers of St Thomas, Middle Island, St. Kitts 1915; Vol. V 1919, Contents; Vol. VI Commences page 41, no Contents or Index. All Archive.org.
All seven volumes of Caribbeana are available online at The University of Florida Digital Collections including Volume IV, Contents; and Volume VI, no Contents or Index. All volumes may be accessed from the two given volume links by clicking on "All Volumes". Print may be darker in these volumes compared with the editions on Archive.org, and therefore easier to read.
  • The History of the Island of Antigua, one of the Leeward Caribbees in the West Indies, from the first settlement in 1635 to the present time by Vere Langford Oliver, published 1894-1899. Volume I, Volume II, Volume III Archive.org. Includes family pedigrees.
The Monumental Inscriptions in the churches and churchyards of the island of Barbados, British West Indies edited by Vere Langford Oliver 1915 Archive.org
More monumental inscriptions : tombstones of the British West Indies by Vere Langford Oliver. Reprint of The Monumental Inscriptions of the British West Indies, collected and edited by V. L. Oliver, 1927. Catalogue entry with link to a FamilySearch Digital Book to read online or download. You need to be registered and sign in first, see Family Search. Direct link. Catalogue entry says "Inscriptions copied from cemeteries on the West Indian islands of Antigua, Dominica, Montserrat, Nevis, St. Kitts, Grenada, St. Lucia, and Trinidad; on the Bahamas; and in the former Dutch colony of Demerara, now a county of Guyana". With an Index of Names at the back of the book.
Barbados Records Marriages 1643-1800, Volume 1 compiled and edited by Joanne McRee Sanders 2011 reprint, first published 1982. Consists of four parishes from the island (St. Michael, Christ Church, St. James and St. John), while Volume 2 contains five more parishes. (Two further parishes did not have data for the date range). Archive.org Books to Borrow/Lending Library. Data from copied parochial registers in the Barbados Department of Archives.
Volume 1, A-K does not appear to be available online, but is available at the British Library UIN: BLL01006015682 and UIN: BLL01007907204 . The British Library has additional titles by both this author and her husband A C Hollis Hallett.
Early Bermuda wills, 1629-1835 : summarized and indexed, a genealogical reference book by C. F. E. Hollis Hallett 1993. Archive.org Books to Borrow/Lending Library.
Early Bermuda Records, 1619-1826 A Guide to the Parish and Clergy Registers with Some Assessment Lists and Petitions by A C Hollis Hallett (Archibald Cameron) 1991. Incorrectly catalogued with his wife as author. Archive.org Books to Borrow/Lending Library.
19th Century Church Registers of Bermuda by A C Hollis Hallett Second Edition 2005, first published 1996. Archive.org
The Jews Of Eighteenth Century Jamaica. A Testamentary History Of A Diaspora In Transition by Stanley Mirvis 2020. Archive.org
1801 Google Books. The New Jamaica Almanack, and Register…for the year of our Lord 1801, 2nd edition including "Jamaica" page 96 and "Jamaica Lists" page 106 Archive.org.
The New Jamaica Almanac, and Register for 1802 Archive.org.
The Royal Register and Jamaica Almanac, for the year 1810 including "Jamaica" page 134 and "Jamaica Lists" page 136. Archive.org
Jamaica Almanac for the year 1846 Ninth year of publication. Compiled by William Cathcart. Library of Congress loc.gov. Archive.org mirror version.
The Handbook of Jamaica at Archive.org broken range of editions from 1881 to 1949, (not published 1940-45). Archive.org. One of the editions catalogued 1908 is in fact 1903.
Other sources: 1791, 1795 and 1798 editions are available on the library subscription website "Eighteenth century collections online". 1825 edition is believed to be on the Gale library subscription database "The Making of the Modern World". See Subscription websites-online newspapers, journals and directories.
The Trinidad Official and Commercial Register and Almanack. Compiled from Official Records, Etc. By Authority
  • 1882 17th Year of publication; 1888 23rd year of publication. Both by R J Lechmere Guppy. Google Books. Archive.org mirror versions 1882, 1888.
  • Title change to The Trinidad and Tobago ... 1894 published 1893. 29th Year of Issue; 1896 published 1895. 31st Issue. Both by James Henry Collens. Google Books. Archive.org mirror versions 1894, 1896. Limited transcriptions, 1899 edition from an edition held at the National Archives of Trinidad & Tobago. freepages.rootsweb.com/~guppyross.
  • The title subsequently changed toTrinidad and Tobago Year Book. Initially compiled by J H Collens, then by C B Franklin and alternatively titled Franklin's Year Book.
Trinidad and Tobago Year Book at Archive.org broken range from 1911-1948, plus 1966. Archive.org
Cambridge University holds (according to Library Hub Discover) 1898,1905-1906,1913-1916,1919-1920,1923-1930,1933-1936,1938,1940,1945-1947,1949-1950 and later editions. Yearbooks of 1926 to 1941 include a section on Barbados. Publication ended in 1969 with the 102nd issue.
The Creole Almanack for Trinidad and Tobago for the four years 1891-1894 is available on the library subscription website "Nineteenth century collections online"/Maps and Travel Literature. See Subscription websites-online newspapers, journals and directories, section Caribbean publications. Also available at the British Library.
Blue Book. Island of Jamaica. Blue Book Island of Jamaica at Archive.org Multiple volumes 1852-1945;
Google Books editions:1870, 1871, 1873, 1896-97, 1907-1908, 1914-1915, 1916-1917, 1916-1917 File 2, 1917-1918, 1919-1920, 1920, 1920 File 2, 1921, 1921 File 2, 1922, 1922 File 2, 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1945. All Google Books.
Based on 1873 Archive.org as an example: Each section is allocated a letter, and is separately numbered. For many sections, the details continue across two pages, however the two pages may not display side by side, and it may be easier to use the single page viewing option. Contents; Section L "Index to the Civil Establishment" followed by "Civil Establishment". Followed by "Section M Return of Officers who have given security for the due discharge of their duties". Followed by "Section N Pensions".
The Official Gazette of British Guiana (New Series) at Archive.org from 1902.
Government Gazette British Honduras 1943 Google Books
Archive.org editions of Colonial Reports - Annual from 1908 onwards
Papers presented to British Parliament 1902 consisting of Colonial Reports- Annual No. 331 Fiji 1900 to No. 375 Gold Coast 1901, for the colonies Bahamas to Grenada [B-G]. Archive.org
1806 edition in four volumes Vol I, Vol II, Vol III, Vol IV
1807 Fourth edition "with considerable additions", in three volumes Vol I, Vol II, Vol III. All Archive.org
1819 Fifth edition, "enlarged and corrected", in five volumes Vol I, Vol II, Vol III, Vol IV, Vol V Google Books
Additional editions Archive.org
West Indies Directory [Sailing Directions], in Six Parts by James Imray and Son, London (Publisher). All Archive.org
The 1st Battalion West India Regiment: a brief historical sketch by A.R. Loscombe estimated c 1905. westindiacommittee.org
Slaves in Red Coats : the British West India Regiments, 1795-1815 by Roger Norman Buckley 1979. Archive.org Books to Borrow/Lending Library.
A Few Notes on the History of the British West Indies Regiment by Lt.-Col. C Wood-Hill. Undated, but written post Armistice about the problems of service during the First World War. westindiacommittee.org
Studies in Jamaica History by Frank Cundall 1900 Archive.org.
Bibliographia jamaicensis; a list of Jamaica books and pamphlets, magazine articles, newspapers, and maps, most of which are in the library of the Institute of Jamaica by Frank Cundall 1902 Archive.org
Supplement to Bibliographia Jamaicensis by Frank Cundall 1908 Archive.org
Bibliography of the West Indies (excluding Jamaica) by Frank Cundall 1909 Archive.org
Jamaica Place-Names by Frank Cundall 1909 Archive.org
Historic Jamaica : With fifty-two illustrations by Frank Cundall 1915 Archive.org
Jamaica in 1922 : a handbook of information for intending settlers and visitors with some account of the colony's history by Frank Cundall 1922 Archive.org
"West Indies" page 122, 1924 First Year, 2nd Edition HathiTrust; "West Indies…" page 173 1937 edition Google Books.
Also see Indian Army - Historical books online for the 15 volumes to 1940 in this series.


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