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UK Ports passenger lists 1878-1960

Ancestry contains the dataset "UK, Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960"[1], (located in Immigration & Travel/Passenger Lists) which contain the names of people arriving at United Kingdom ports from places outside Europe, based on records from The National Archives, Kew.
Note: The Ancestry transcribed field "Port of Departure" appears to be the first port of departure of the ship, not the port of departure of the person. It may be necessary to look at the image to find the port of departure of the person.[2]

Findmypast contains the dataset "Passenger Lists Leaving UK 1890-1960"[3], located in Travel & migration, based on records from The National Archives.
Ancestry also contains a similar database "UK, Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960". located in Immigration & Travel.[4]

Note however, the above websites only contain persons who travelled the entire journey to and from India via a UK port. A researcher advised: "Many people travelling from India found it faster and more convenient to travel by steamer to Marseilles and take the train direct to Calais and then by regular ferry to Dover. Entry into England by this route was not recorded. Many of my relatives did this (we know from letters) but no official records were kept. Frustrating for us later!"[5]

The National Archives guide How to look for records of Passengers gives more details.

Both the above sites are free to search, but require payment to view the records. They are free to view at the National Archives. Some Libraries may have free access, refer Miscellaneous tips. Some Genealogy Societies provide free access from their libraries if you are a member.

Australia Passenger Lists

  • Findmypast database "Australia, Inward, Outward & Coastal Passenger Lists 1826-1972"[6] located in Travel & Migration/ Passenger Lists was introduced c 2021/05/07 with more records added c 2021/07/23. The records are from multiple Australian sources.
  • For passenger lists between India and Australia also see Australia

FIBIS resources

Earlier passenger lists

Military embarkation records


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