Mari Indus Railway

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Mari-Indus Railway

Mari-Indus Railway

The line was a 2ft 6in/762mm narrow gauge(NG) connecting Mari Indus via Kalabagh to Bannu with its branch to Tank [1] [2]


  • ‘Main Line’, upon opening in 1913 the 89 mile(142km) NG line was named the Trans Indus (Kalabagh-Bannu) Railway and formed part of the ‘NWR Northern Frontier Narrow Gauge Railways’ [3].
  • ‘Tank Extension’, 46 miles(74km) from Laki Marwat via Pezu to Tank opened in 1916, as a strategic military NG line[4].
  • ‘Tank-Kaur Extension’, 12 miles(19km) to Kaur opened 1922[4].
  • ‘Kaur to Manzai Extension’, 11 miles(17km) to, Manzai, opened 1921[4].

This gave a total line length of 157 miles(253km)

The ‘Kalabagh Bridge’ opened in 1931 and was a combined road/NG rail bridge. At this time the line was renamed the Trans Indus (Mari Indus-Kalabagh-Bannu) Railway . It would appear the bridge section was abandoned soon after opening and the bridge used only for road traffic as the “1937 History” does not include the bridge, although the Report adopts the renamed title[4].

Further Information

See ’NWR Strategic Section Branch Line Network’