Means of Transport

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Travel on land

By palanquin or dandy

By horse or bullock drawn vehicle

By motor transport

  • "Roads And Motor Transport In India" by Brigadier-General Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, Adviser on Mechanical Transport Services in India, 1915-19. Journal of the Royal Society of Arts Vol. 68, No. 3529 (July 9, 1920), pp. 541-552 Available to read for free on JSTOR, but first you must register, see Miscellaneous tips

Dak bungalows

  • "Dak Banglas & Their Dark Tales" by Aditi Shah December 12th 2018. Live History India. "The word ‘dak’ is Urdu for 'post' and dak banglas were initially built by the British Indian Public World Department to help postal officers relay the mail in stages."

Inflated animal skins

Travel by air


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