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Presidency: Bengal
Coordinates: 16.484722°N 97.625833°E
Altitude: 226 m (742 ft)
Present Day Details
Place Name: Mawlamyine
State/Province: Mon State
Country: Burma
Transport links
Moulmein-Ye Railway
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Moulmein was the headquarters of Amherst District in the Tenasserim Division of Lower Burma during the British period. It was the capital of British Burma between 1826 and 1852, having fallen under British control after the 1st Burma War.

It was the location of a cantonment.


Modern name: Mawlamyine
Variants: Mawlamyaing/Moulmein/Maulmain


St Matthew’s Church of England was the first English church built in Burma. It was erected in 1832 and replaced by a new structure in 1890. St Augustine's Church of England was established in 1882.[1]

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Historical books online

The Maulmain Almanac, Directory and Diary for 1852 including Directory. Google Books
One digital file containing 1850, 1852 and 1853 digital page 388, HathiTrust Digital Library.
Tenasserim and Martaban Almanac & Directory for 1857 includes
  • "Moulmein" page 344 Reports on mountain and marine sanitaria; medical and statistical observations on civil stations and military cantonments, jails - dispensaries - regiments - barracks, &c. within the Presidency of Madras, the Straits of Malacca, the Andaman Islands, and British Burmah from January 1858 to January 1862 by Inspector General of Hospitals Duncan Macpherson. 1862 Part of the series Selections from the Records of the Madras Government.
  • Forty years in Burma by Dr J E [John Ebenezer] Marks 1917 He went to Burma in 1859 as a layman for educational purposes in connection with the Society for the Propogation of the Gospel [SPG] at Maulmein. He was ordained Priest in 1866 in Calcutta, and subsequently returned to Burma, as an educational missionary, particularly at St John's College Rangoon, retiring in 1900.


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