Mutiny at Fyzabad

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Mutiny at Fyzabad
Part of Indian Mutiny
Date: 10 May 1857
Location: Fyzabad, Uttar Pradesh
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 26.779394°N 82.143683°E
Result: Sepoy uprising
13th Light Field Battery Artillery 22nd Bengal Native Infantry
6th Oude Irregular Infantry
Colonel Lennox, 22nd BNI

This event was part of the Indian Mutiny


Rumours of mutiny caused the wives and families of five European NCOs and many civilians to be sent to the protection of Rajah Maun Singh at Sheergunge on 8 June. On 9 June, after professing loyalty, the infantry regiments rebelled and prevented the artillery from firing on them. They allowed the Europeans to leave in four boats down the Gogra. The mutinous 17th Bengal Native Infantry were in the vicinity and harassed the fugitives. Many were killed during a harrowing journey towards Goruckpore.

European Fugitives

A few mentioned in records

  • Col Goldney, Civil Commissioner, killed
  • Col Lennox, 22nd BNI, escaped
  • Mrs Lennox, escaped
  • Miss Lennox, escaped
  • Col. O'Brien, escaped
  • Maj Mill, killed
  • Mrs Mill, escaped
  • Three Mill children, one died, two escaped
  • Capt Morgan
  • Lieut Fowle
  • Lieut English, killed
  • Lieut Bright
  • Lieut Lindesay, killed
  • Lieut Thomas, killed
  • Lieut Ouseley
  • Lieut Cautley, killed
  • Lieut Gordon, escaped
  • Lieut Parsons, drowned
  • Lieut Percival, escaped
  • Lieut Currie, drowned
  • Ensign Anderson, escaped
  • Ensign Ritchie, killed
  • Asst Surgeoan Collinson, escaped
  • Sgt-Maj Hollum, 22nd BNI
  • Mrs Hollum & 3 children, escaped
  • Farrier-Sgt Busher, escaped
  • Two English sergeants, killed

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