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Presidency: Bengal
Coordinates: 34.068519°N 73.392387°E
Altitude: 2,501 m (8,205 feet)
Present Day Details
Place Name: Nathiagali
State/Province: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, old NWFP
Country: Pakistan
Transport links

During the British period Nathiagali was a hill station in Abbottabad tehsil of Hazara District, North West Frontier Province. It was also the summer headquarters of the Chief Commissioner of the province, and later, of the provincial Governor[1].

Spelling Variants

  • Nathia Gali, Nathiagully, Nathia Gully, Nathiyagali, Nathiya Gali


It was the midway point on the road between Murree and Abbottabad.


Along with Dunga Gali it was a "notified area" under the Punjab Municipalities Act 1891.

External Links

  • Nathiagali Imperial Gazetteer
  • Video on YouTube: Nathiagali Church by Khayyam soomro. St. Mathews Church built 1900
  • "The amazing story of Marie Memsahib" by Dr Raheal Ahmad Siddiqui January 25, 2015 The News on Sunday, now archived. Marie Mallam was buried in the Christian Cemetery, Kalabagh, Nathia Gali in 1944, age 40. She was active in setting up Maternal and Child Welfare Clinics and was awarded the Kaiser-I-Hind silver medal. She was the wife of Lt. Colonel G.L.Mallam of the IPS (Indian Political Service)


  1. From 1902 onwards