Noamundi Iron Mine Railway

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Noamundi Iron Mine Railway

'Tata Iron and Steel Company' discovered iron ore at Noamundi [1] in 1917 with the first despatches being sent out by the rail in 1925 [2] by the connection to the Bengal-Nagpur Railway(BNR) 'Tatanager-Bilaspur Section'.

A 2ft/610mm narrow gauge(NG) railway transported ore to a crushing and loading plant. Here the ore was loaded into broad gauge(BG) mainline wagons and sent to Tata's Jamshedpur Steel Works. The loading plant is on a two mile(3.2km) siding west of Noamundi station [2].

It is unknown if the 2ft 0in NG system is still in use [2].

Two metre gauge(MG) locomotives dating from 1941 being on the site [2]. The reason for this unknown as BG was the gauge of the BNR system linking the two Tata operations.


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