Oodgaum, Krishna River Bridge Construction Tramway

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Oodgaum, Krishna River Bridge Construction Tramway

A bridge on the road from Bijapur to the coast at Oodgaum was constructed over the Krishna River Bridge Tramway under the supervision of the Bombay Presidency Public Works Department. Construction commenced in March 1875 and was completed in March 1879. The bridge was made completely from stone, 70 feet(21 metres) long with 11 arches and 82 feet(25metres) above the river bed [1].

The stone for the bridge was quarried 2½ miles(4km) from the site and conveyed to the riverbank by a hand worked 2ft 6in/762mm narrow gauge(NG) tramway. Each block carried a 2 ton stone block and was worked by two men. The wagons were moved from the bank to the riverbed by an inclined plane worked by drum and cable [1].


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