Oude Province Tramway and Railway Proposal, 1855-57

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Oude Province Tramway and Railway Proposal, 1855-57 The British Library India Office Records IOR/E/4/844 [1] gives the following information concerning the use of tramways and railways in Oude Province in the years 1855-57.

  • Captain Yule had reported in 1855 regarding the use of tramways and railways on the Oude Province, This had been adopted by The Lieutenant Governor of the N W Provinces in Public Works Directive No 7 paragraphs 42 & 43 in 1856.
  • Dispatch, No 5 dated 28th January 1857 was forward for consideration the projects of two Companies for the introduction of Railways in the province of Oude.
  • Later in early 1857 the following ‘Letters of Intent’ were received from: -
    • a). Letters from Mr R Yates; dated 10th March 1857, and letter dated 11th April 1857
    • b). Letters from Mr W Andrews; dated 7th and 29th April 1857 and Dated 20th May 1857
    • c). Letters from Miss Sutton and Omrnarmey; dated 6th February 1857 and 3rd March 1857
    • d). Letters from Hyde Clarke Esq.; dated 24th January, 11th March and 11th April 1857.
  • These were sent for comment upon. One of these was for tramways, which was against the recommendation of Captain Yule. Others were in favour of the extension into the province of Rohilkhand <ref<[ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rohilkhand Wikipedia “Rohilkhand” ]; Retrieved 27 Feb 2017</ref>, however it was questioned as to the effect this would have on the population of the district and have an effect on the East Indian Railway Company already operating there.

There is no evidence that these proposals were specifically acted upon.

Further Information

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  1. British Library IOR/E/4/844, “Oude: Tramways, proposal to establish in” p.859