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Officers in the British Army, the East India Company armies, and the Indian Army were often of high social status/the Landed Gentry class and genealogical resources relating to this social class may provide Army details.

Historical books online

  • Burke's Peerage. Title appears to have varied. Includes A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the peerage and baronetage, published by Burke, and Burke's genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry : including American families with British ancestry.
69th edition 1914 : A-L only to page 1274 (total c 2761); 99th edition 1949
1882, 1883, 1895, 1900, 1902, 1916, 1939, Potential future digitised volumes from microfilm (Scroll down). All FamilySearch Digital Library. Note to view these digital books, you must be signed in to FS, see FamilySearch.
  • Debrett's. In some years there were two series of publications, in general terms Debrett's Peerage, and Debrett's Baronetage. The 1921 editions are both available online, and indicate mainly different content.
Debrett's Peerage Multiple editions, latest 1936, together with 1876 1921 1923
Debrett's Peerage on FamilySearch Digital Library
1808, 1819, 1826, 1869, 1874, 1888, 1913
Debrett's Baronetage 1815-1835, together with Debrett's Baronetage 1921
Debrett's Baronetage on FamilySearch Digital Library. 1824, 1840, Broken range 1883 to 1955. Note however, not all editions listed in the latter link are available online.
Note to view the FamilySearch digital books, you must be signed in to FS, see FamilySearch.
Potentially available from FamilySearch in the future but currently (2019/03/05) none seem to be available online.
List of FamilySearch holdings to 1920, some of which are currently available online, some of which may be digitised in the future (scroll down) including 1911, 1912, 1919. Also (separately) 1917
Note to view the FamilySearch digital books, you must be signed in to FS, see FamilySearch.
The Complete Peerage “New edition, revised and much enlarged” in 14 Volumes published 1910-1959.
Contents: v. 1. Ab-Adam to Basing -- v. 2. Bass to Canning -- v. 3. Canonteign to Cutts -- v. 4. Dacre to Dysart -- v. 5. Eardley of Spalding to Goojerat -- v. 6. Gordon to Hurstpierpoint -- v. 7. Husee to Lincolnshire -- v. 8. Lindley to Moate -- v. 9. Moels to Nuneham -- v. 10. Oakham to Richmond -- v. 11. Rickerton to Sisonby -- v. 12-1. Skelmersdale to Towton -- v. 12-2. Tracton to Zouche -- v. 13. Peers created 1901-1938 -- v. 14. Addenda & corrigenda (publisher varies).
Vol1 1 1910, Vol 2 1912, Vol 3 1913, Vol 4 1916. Vol 5 1926 - Note Use single page option to view. Each single digital page appears to contain four actual pages. Vol 7 1929. All
FamilySearch Digital Library editions. Note to view these digital books, you must be signed in to FS, see FamilySearch.
  • Who’s Who. Published by Adam and Charles Black, London.
Hathi Trust Digital Library editions, full view 1853-1871 (broken range), and 1889-1923 (broken range) available for restricted area such as North America.
The following are, including Lending Library.
1904, 56th Year of Issue; 1907, 59th Year of Issue;
1932, 84th Year of Issue; 1937, 89th Year of Issue; 1939, 91th Year Of Issue;
1942, 94th Year Of Issue; 1945, 97th Year of Issue; 1951, 103rd Year of issue.
  • Who Was Who : a Companion to Who's Who, containing the biographies of those who died during the period .. published by A & C Black Ltd. and Lending Library.
Volume I 1897-1916 published 1920;
Volume II, 1916-1928 2nd edition 1947, Volume II, 1916-1928, 4th edition, 1967 Lending Library
Volume III 1929-1940, c 1941, Vol III 2nd edition 1967 Lending Library
Volume V 1951-1960 2nd edition 1964 Lending Library
Volume VI 1961-1970 1972 Lending Library
Volume VII 1971-1980 1981 Lending Library
Volume VIII 1981-1990 1991 Lending Library
Note. If you are in the UK and have a library card, refer Miscellaneous tips, your public library system may subscribe to Who's Who / Who Was Who online, and you can gain access by clicking on the 'unlock' symbol and signing in with your card number.[1]


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