Pondicherry Railway

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Pondicherry Railway
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Line of route
Pondicherry to Gingee River Bridge (near Chinnababusamudram
Gauge / mileage
Metre gauge 8 miles (1905)
Key locations
Presidency Madras
Stations Pondicherry
System agency
1907 South Indian Railway
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The Pondicherry Railway was a short metre gauge(MG) branch line of 8 miles (13km) which connected the French enclave of Pondicherry with the rest of British India at the Gingee River bridge where it met the South Indian Railway branchline. The railway was operated by the South Indian Railway. [1]

The construction of the railway by the ‘Pondicheri Railway Company‘ (see note) under the supervision of the South Indian Railway commenced in 1878 simultaneously with the SIR Pondicherry Branch so when opened in 1879 connected Pondicherry to the SIR mainline at Villupuram. The line was maintained and worked by the SIR under the management of the SIR Agent which had remained at the original Negapatam. The joint Agent finally moved to Trichinopoly in 1880 [2].

Note – Pondicheri spelling was used when the Company was established. The spelling soon changed to Pondicherry.


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