Rahim Dad's Cattle

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Rahim Dad's Cattle
Part of Mohmand Expedition 1854
Date: 22 August 1854
Location: Mohmand Agency, NWF
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: approx 34.182116°N 71.450706°E
Result: Confiscation of 1,100 head of livestock
East India Company Mohmand tribesmen
Maj Crawford Trotter Chamberlain Rahimdad Khan

Rahim Dad

Rahim Dad was a Mohmand chief who was summoned to Peshawar to account for non-payment of tribal tribute. When he fled Major Chamberlain led a field detachment from Peshawar and captured Rahim Dad's cattle in payment. This was followed by the expedition under Colonel Cotton.

Field Detachment

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