Railway units in the First World War

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The following Railways related Indian Army units appear in the First World War medal card indexes and the “Abbreviations (now an archived link) used in the World War One Medal Cards”, from The National Archives Documents Online: First World War Medal Index Cards. They could be connected with the Railways in Mesopotamia, but other war zones are also a possibility.

Units mentioned in “Abbreviations”

  • Bombay & Central Indian Railway Battalion Indian Defence Force B & C.I. RY BN. I.D.F
  • Mesopotamian Railways MESO. R.; MESO. RYS.; MESPOT. RLYS.
  • North West Railway Maxim Gun Company N.W. RLY. M.G. COY.
  • Railway Construction Company RLY. C.C.
  • Railway Defence Force RLY. D.F.
  • Railway Regiment RLY. REGT.
  • Railway Battalion Sappers & Miners RY. BN. S & M.

Additional units mentioned in the medal card indexes
This list is not exhaustive, there may well be others.

  • Burma Railways Battalion Auxiliary Forces India
  • Bushire Light Railway
  • Indian Army Reserve Railways
  • Indian Army Railways
  • Indian State Railways
  • India Railways
  • Iraq Railways
  • Military Railways Indian Army
  • Military Railways
  • 2nd Battalion North West Railways Volunteer Rifles
  • Railways Advisory Section Operating Section
  • Railways Baghdad
  • 6th Railways Jat Light Infantry
  • Railways Sappers and Miners
  • 45th Railways Sikhs
  • 1st Battalion The Protectorate Railways Regiment Auxiliary Forces India (Possibly connected with the Aden Protectorate?)
  • 29th South Indian Railway Battalion (possibly East Africa)