Rawalpindi Parade 1905

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This resource was part of the Family History in India website, which was designed to help people trace their European and Anglo-Indian family history in colonial India by Cathy Day. The following is a programme of a parade held in Rawalpindi, India on 8th December, 1905 to honour the Prince and Princess of Wales. The programme for this parade was handed down to John Feltham from his maternal Grandfather, Sgt William Reader of the 9th Queens Royal Lancers, who was present on parade.


The troops under the Command of

His Excellency General the Right Honourable Horatio Herbert, Viscount Kitchener of Khartoum,.G.C.B., O.M.,G.C.M.G.., Commander-in-Chief in India.

will be in one line facing South-East.

On their Royal Highnesses arriving on the ground, escorted by a Field Officer's escort of 1st Skinner's Horse, they will be received with a Royal Salute, and will then proceed to inspect the troops, accompanied by His Excellency the Commander-in-chief, The Lieutenant-Generals Commanding the Northern, Western and Eastern Commands, and certain officers of the Army Headquarters Staff.

On conclusion of this inspection, the troops will march past in the following order.


Major Northcote. D.A.Q.M.G. Northern.
Major Cowper. D.A.Q.M.G. in India.
Native A.D.C. to Chief.
Lt Shepherd. A.D.C. Eastern
Capt Cavendish. A.D.C. Northern
Lt Lord A. Montgomery. A.D.C Western.
Major Marker. D.S.O. A.D.C Chief
Capt Barnes. D.S.O. A.D.C Chief
Lt Wylly, V.C. A.D.C Chief
Capt Fitzgerald. A.D.C Chief
Major Brooke. D.S.O. A.M.S. Chief
Major Binglly. D.A.A.G. India.
Lt.Col. Malleson. A.Q.M.G. Intell.
Capt Fitzgerald. A.D.C Chief.
Col. Birdwood. A.A.G. India
Col. Beatson, C.B. A.A.G. Northern
Col. Hamilton, D.S.O.., A.D.C., M.S. Chief.
Col. Mullaly, C.B., D.Q.M.G. Mn
Br.-Gen Barrett, C.B., D.A.G. Northern.
Br.-Gen. Coxhead, C.B., R.A.
Col. Mansfield, C.B., I.G.S & T.
Maj.-Gen. Sclater, C.B., Q.M.G. India (Slater?)
Maj.-Gen. Duff, C.B., C.I.E., A.G. India.
Maj.-Gen. Parsons. C.B., R.A., I.G.A.
Maj.-Gen. Collins. C.B., I.G. Volunteers.
Maj.-Gen. Sir E. Elliott.
Maj.-Gen. Henry.
Surg.-Gen. Sir T. Gallwey. K.C.M.G., C.B., P.M.O., India.
Lt.-Gen. Sir A. Gaselee. G.C.I.E., K.C.B., L.G.C. Eastern.
Lt.-Gen. Sir B. Blood. K.C.B., L.G.C. Northern.
Lt.-Gen. Sir A. Hunter. K.C.B., D.S.O., L.G.C. Western.


Major General D.Haig. C.V.O., C.B., Inspector-General of Cavalry in India, Commanding.
1st (Peshawar) Infantry Brigade. Maj.Gen. C. H. Des Voeux, C.B., Commanding
Strength Uniform Facings
Royal Horse Artillery
"F", "I", "J" and "T" Batteries 644 Blue Scarlet
1st Cavalry Brigade. Brig.-Gen. R.B. Adams, V.C., C.B., A.D.C.., Commanding
22nd Sam Browne's Cavalry 311 Scarlet Blue
23rd Cavalry 413 Blue Scarlet
Queens Own Corp of Guides Cavalry 316 Drab Scarlet
2nd Cavalry Brigade. Col. F.S. Garratt. C.B., D.S.O., Commanding
12th (Prince of Wales Royal) Lancers 412 Blue Scarlet
8th Cavalry 513 Blue Scarlet
9th Hodson's Horse 507 Blue White
3rd Cavalry Brigade. Col. A. Phayre, Commanding
9th (Queens Royal) Lancers 480 Blue Scarlet
7th Hariana Lancers 500 Scarlet Blue
11th Prince of Wales Own Lancers 480 Blue Scarlet
Known as (Probyn's Horse)
4th Cavalry Brigade. Brig.-Gen. B.T. Mahon. C.B., D.S.O., Commanding
3rd (Kings Own) Hussars 471 Blue Scarlett
13th Duke of Connaught's Lancers 553 Blue Scarlet
Known as (Watson's Horse)
15th Lancers (Cureton's Multanis) 420 Blue Scarlet
Divisional Cavalry Regiments
19th Lancers (Fane's Horse) 498 Blue Grey
1st Duke of York'sOwn Lancers 418 Yellow Black
Known as (Skinner's Horse)
25th Cavalry 250 Dark Green Scarlet
12th Cavalry 497 Blue Blue
Mounted Infantry
No. 1 Company (combined)
No. 2 Company 190 Khaki


Brigadier-General J.A. Coxhead, C.B. Commanding
Royal Field Artillery
Strength Uniform Facings
1st Brigade
13th., 67th., and 69th Batteries. R.F.A. 451 Blue Scarlet
39th Brigade
46th., 51st., and 54th Batteries. R.F.A. 451 Blue Scarlet
45th Brigade
11th, 52nd & 80th Batteries. R.F.A. 501 Blue Scarlet
Royal Garrison Batteries. R.G.A.
Mountain Division
5th Mountain Battery, R.G.A. 262 Blue Scarlet
6th Mountain Battery, R.G.A. 251 Blue Scarlet
8th Mountain Battery, R.G.A. 252 Blue Scarlet
21st Mountain Battery, R.G.A. 230 Blue Scarlet
22nd Mountain Battery, R.G.A. 233 Blue Scarlet
24th Mountain Battery, R.G.A. 156 Blue Scarlet
26th Mountain Battery, R.G.A. 257 Blue Scarlet
27th Mountain Battery, R.G.A. 260 Blue Scarlet
28th Mountain Battery, R.G.A. 187 Blue Scarlet
Royal Garrison Artillery
71st Company (Heavies) 225 Scarlet Blue
104th Company (Heavies) 181 Blue


Colonel A.E. Sandbach, D.S.O., Royal Engineers, Commanding.
Strength Uniform Facings
1 Company, 1st Sappers and Miners 196 Scarlet Blue
2 Company, 1st Sappers and Miners 168 Scarlet Blue
4 Company, 1st Sappers and Miners 197 Scarlet Blue
5 Company, 1st Sappers and Miners 192 Scarlet Blue
9 Company, 1st Sappers and Miners 128 Scarlet Blue
Telegraph Section, 1st S & M 89 Scarlet Blue
2nd S & P 45 Scarlet Blue
3rd S & M 24 Scarlet Blue
Telephone Section 1st S & P 45 Scarlet Blue


Strength Uniform Facings
Lieut. General Sir, E. Barrow, K.C.B., Commanding
1st Batt. Seaforth Highlanders 709 Scarlet Buff
2nd Batt Gordon Highlanders 763 Scarlet Yellow
36th Sikhs 550 Scarlet Yellow
38th Dogras 748 Scarlet Yellow
2nd (Nowshera) Infantry Brigade. Brig-Gen Sir J. Willcocks, K.C.M.G, C.B., Commanding.
1st Batt, The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) 722 Green Dark Green
25th Sikhs 665 Scarlet Yellow
45th Rattray Sikhs 635 Scarlet White
54th Sikhs 601 Drab Green
3rd (Frontier) Infantry Brigade. Col F.J. Aylmer, V.C., Commanding
52nd Sikhs 743 Drab Scarlet
53rd Sikhs 624 Drab Black
59th Scinde Rifles 667 Drab Scarlet
Queens Own Corps of Guides 608 Drab Scarlet
Divisional Batallion
4th Prince Albert Victor's Rajputs 822 Scarlet Black
Maj-Gen. J.H. Wodehouse, C.B., C.M.G., Commanding.
5th (Jhelum) Infantry Brigade, Col. H.B. Watkis, Commanding
25th Punjabis 724 Scarlet White
30th Punjabis 753 Scarlet White
56th Infantry 609 Drab Black
58th Vaughan's Rifles 674 Drab Green
6th (Abbottabad) Infantry Brigade. Maj-Gen J.B. Woon, C.B., Commanding
1st Batt 5th Gurka Rifles 700 Dark Green Black
2nd Batt 5th Gurka Rifles 724 Dark Green Black
1st Batt 6th Gurka Rifles 660 Dark Green Black
2nd Batt 6th Gurka Rifles 624 Dark Green Black
4th (Rawal Pindi) Infantry Brigade. Col. C.W. Park, A.D.C, Commanding
1st Batt The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regt) 844 Scarlet Blue
1st Batt Royal Irish Regt 603 Scarlet Blue
1st Batt Royal Munster Fusiliers 696 Scarlet Blue
2nd Batt Royal Irish Fusiliers 685 Scarlet Blue
Divisional Battalion
23rd Pioneers 624 Drab Chocolate
Maj-Gen. F.W. Kitchener, C.B. Commanding
7th (Mian Mir) Infantry Brigade. Col. W. Du Gray, C.B. Commanding
1st Batt Northampton Regt 697 Scarlet White
20th Duke of Cambridge's Own Infantry (Brownlow's Punjabis) 713 Drab Green
21st Punjabis 609 Drab Scarlet
40th Pathans 452 Drab Green
8th (Ferozepore) Infantry Brigade. Brig-Gen. H.A. Abbott., C.B., Commanding
1st Batt Dorsetshire Regt 802 Scarlet Green
14th Ferozepore Sikhs 655 Scarlet Yellow
15th Ludhiana Sikhs 714 Scarlet Green
19th Punjabis 696 Scarlet Dark Blue
9th (Baklok) Infantry Brigade. Brig-Gen. J.A Pollock., C.B., Commanding
1st Batt 1st Gurka Rifles (The Maluan Regt) 634 Dark Green Scarlet
2nd Batt 1st Gurka Rifles (The Maluan Regt) 600 Dark Green Scarlet
1st Batt 4th Gurka Rifles 656 Dark Green Scarlet
2nd Batt 4th Gurka Rifles 762 Dark Green Scarlet
34th Divisional Battalion
34th Sikh Pioneers
Maj-Gen. Sir O'Moore Creagh. V.C., K.C.B. Commanding
11th (Derajat) Infantry Brigade. Col C.A. Anderson, C.B., Commanding
22nd Punjabis 670 Scarlet Blue
29th Punjabis 621 Scarlet Blue
55th Coke's Rifles 724 Dark Green Scarlet
78th Moplah Rifles 611 Dark Green Scarlet
12 (Garwhal) Infantry Brigade. Maj-Gen A.C.F. Browne, C.B., D.S.O., Commanding
2nd Batt King's Royal Rifles 860 Green Scarlet
1st Batt Royal Irish Rifles 675 Green Dark Green
1st Batt 2nd Prince of Wales Own Gurka Rifles 729 Green Dark Green
2nd Batt 2nd Prince of Wales Own Gurka Rifles 714 Green Dark Green
10th (Sirkind) Infantry Brigade Maj-Gen R.A.P. Clements, C.B., D.S.O. Commanding
1st Batt Royal Sussex Regt 527 Scarlet Blue
1st Batt Gloucester Regt 805 Scarlet Blue
2nd Batt North Staffordshire Regt 822 Scarlet Blue
1st Batt Wiltshire Regiment 769 Scarlet Blue
Divisional Battalion
32nd Sikh Pioneers 645 Scarlet Dark Blue


Royal Horse Artillery and Cavalry in line at the gallop in the following order:-

Royal Horse Artillery T, J, I and F Batteries

Divisional Cavalry Regiments. 12th Cavalry, 25th Cavalry, 1st Skinner's Horse, 19th Lancers.
4th Cavalry Brigade
3rd Cavalry Brigade
2nd Cavalry Brigade
1st Cavalry Brigade

Divisional Battalion

Infantry Divisions in Mass in the following order:-

2nd Division
1st Division
4th Division
3rd Division

The Royal Horse Artillery and Cavalry will then advance in line at the gallop.

His Excellency the Commander-in-Chief will order a Royal Salute.



Officers & Men Horses Guns Machine Guns Camels Mules Ponies
STAFF 313 313
CAVALRY 7,390 7,256 32
ARTILLERY 4,822 3,903 146
INFANTRY 35,890 1,560 104
PERSONNEL 6,111 5,558 8,594 309
TOTAL 55,516 13,396 146 136 5,558 8,594 309