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Presidency: Bengal
Coordinates: 33.6°N, 73.033333°E
Altitude: 500 m (1,600 ft)
Present Day Details
Place Name: Rawalpindi
State/Province: Punjab
Country: Pakistan
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Rawalpindi was the headquarters of Rawalpindi District in the Rawalpindi Division of Punjab Province during the British period. In 1907 "The cantonment is the largest and most important in the Punjab, and perhaps in India"[1]. Barracks were located in at least two areas, Victoria Barracks and at West Ridge. Roberts Barracks, an Infantry barracks, was located at West Ridge[2]

The bazaar was known as ‘Lalkurti,’ which means ‘red shirt’ in English - a reference to the red coats worn by the British soldiers who were stationed there. [3]

Chaklala is an area in Rawalpindi and was the location of a cantonment and an RAF airfield. During World War 2, from 1942 RAF Chaklala was the location of a Paratroopers Training School[4]

Spelling Variants

Modern spelling: Rawalpindi written as either one or two words, Rawal Pindi
Variants: Rawul Pindi / Rawul Pindee / Rawalpindee / RP / Pindi

Churches and missions


Roman Catholic

  • Sacred Heart, West Ridge
  • St. Joseph's Cathedral


  • Rawalpindi War Cemetery findagrave.com. Database with over 350 names. This is a Commonwealth Graves Commission Cemetery for those who died during First and Second World War.
  • Gora Kabaristan Rawalpindi ----Christian Cemetery Rawalpindi. Also known as Harley Street Cemetery. “Fai-yaz Ali & Sons, Umballa & Rawul Pindi” constructed memorials in the Harley Street Cemetery.[5]

BACSA (British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia) cemetery publications are

  • Rawalpindi: Cemeteries and Churches by Susan Farrington, 1996 Covers the main Harley Street Cemetery, with additional MIs from four other cemeteries and plaques from churches.
  • Rawalpindi: A Walk round the Harley Street Cemetery by Susan Farrington, 1997.

See BACSA Books.

BACSA are in the process of putting the indexes to its cemetery books online and these indexes are free to browse. If an indexed name is of interest then application can be made to BACSA for details of the relevant burial inscription - charges apply for this service.

Also see "Historical books online", below.



  • Gordon College

Volunteer Regiments

The following had their headquarters at Rawalpindi in 1907

H Company, 1st Punjab Volunteer Rifles contained civilian residents from Rawalpindi and Murree, and had its headquarters at Murree.[1]

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Historical books online

Punjab District Gazetteers, Vol.xxviiiA. Rawalpindi District 1907. Archive.org, Public Library of India Collection.
  • A Handbook to the North-West Frontier including Jhelum Rawalpindi and Hazara Districts by Cyril James Davey 1942. Pdf download Pahar-Mountains of Central Asia Digital Dataset.
  • "Rawul Pindee" page 389 Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Inquire into the Sanitary State of the Army in India : with Abstract of Evidence, and of Reports Received from Indian Military Stations 1864 Archive.org
  • "Rawalpindi District" page 122 A list of inscriptions on Christian tombs or monuments in the Punjab, North-West Frontier Province, Kashmir and Afghanistan possessing historical or archaeological interest Part 1 by Miles Irving (1910) HathiTrust Digital Library


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