Punjab Light Horse

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Raised on the 12th May 1893

  • Uniform - Blue
  • Facings - White
  • Badge - Eight-pointed star surmounted by a crown
  • Motto - "De Bon Voulir Servir le Roy"

In 1898 it was a part of the Administrative Battalion, 1st Punjab Rifle Corps with headquarters at Lahore and detachments at

C troop of the Punjab Light Horse, with strength, exclusive of officers, 57 in 1907, had its headquarters at Rawalpindi.[2]

Historical books online

  • "Punjab Light Horse", page 255 Quarterly Civil List for the Punjab: Corrected up to 1st October 1898
  • Notes on Stable Management in India and the Colonies by Vety-Capt J A Nunn, late Principal Lahore Veterinary College, 2nd edition revised and enlarged with a glossary 1897 Archive.org. Originally delivered in a lecture for members of the Punjab Light Horse, who had not previously owned horses.


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