Shadipalli-Balotra Railway

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Shadipalli-Balotra Railway

The Shadipalli-Balotra Railway was recorded in the 1898 Public Works Department Report as follows:-

“A length of 204 miles of line on the metre gauge is under construction from Shadipali to Balotra in Rajputana and when opened will connect the Rajputana-Malwa metre gauge system of the Bombay,Bbaroda and Central India Railway with the North Western State Railway” [1].

The Jodhpur-Bikaner Railway (JBR) opened the metre gauge(MG) ‘JBR Main Line’ westward from Balotra to Barmer, 60 miles(97km), in May 1899, and a further 74 miles(119km) in December 1900 to the Jodhpur Frontier. This section classified as the ‘JBR Jodhpur Section’ [2].

The section from the Jodhpur Frontier to Shadipalli, 68½ miles(110km), described as the ‘JBR British Section’ also opened in December 1900 [3]. Thus completing the ‘Shadipalli-Balotra Railway’.

This provided the link between the Rajputana-Malwa Railway(RMR) section of the Bombay, Baroda Central India Railway(BB&CIR) and the North Western Railway(NWR); as specified in the 1898 Report [1].

Further Information

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