Sikkim Expedition 1860

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Sikkim Expedition
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
Flag of Sikkim.svg.png
Location: Sikkim
British Field Force Sikkimese
Result: Treaty of Tumlong
Category: Sikkim Expedition 1860


After the British victory over the Gurkhas in 1816 Nepal relinquished control over Sikkim. Under the Treaty of Titalia Sikkimese security was guaranteed and the territory taken by Nepal was returned. In 1835 the land around what was to become Darjeeling was granted to the British as a hill station. Following deteriorated relations and the detention of two British subjects, Britain mounted a punitive expedition and a large part of Darjeeling District was annexed in 1849. Raids into British territory continued with the encouragement of the Dewan of Sikkim and Britain threatened to occupy further territory unless reparations were paid. These were refused and Dr Campbell, the Superintendent of Darjeeling, crossed the border in 1860 with a small force. He was compelled to retreat however and an expedition was mounted under Lt-Col J C Gawler. After a series of minor engagements the capital was taken and the Raja compelled to sign the Treaty of Tumlong. This gave Britain control of the foreign policy of Sikkim.

Sikkim Field Force

Commanded by Lt-Col J C Gawler

  • HM 6th Regiment
  • 73rd Native Infantry
  • Sikh Police
  • Convalescent Depot
  • Sebundy Sappers
  • Artillery
  • Two 3-pounder guns
  • Two Naval 12-pounder guns

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