Sikkim Expedition 1888

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Sikkim Expedition
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
Flag of Sikkim.svg.png
Location: Sikkim
British Field Force Tibetans
Result: British victory
Medals: India General Service medal
Clasp: Sikkim 1888
Category: Sikkim Expedition 1888
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Sikkim Expedition 1888
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In response to the proposed Macaulay Mission to Tibet the Tibetans cross the Sikkim border via the Jelep Pass and established a fortified post. The Government of India despatched a field force which won a series of engagements before the conclusion of the Anglo-Chinese Convention.

Sikkim Field Force

Commanded by Brig-Gen Thomas Graham RA

Total 1300 men with artillery

Reinforced August 1888 by

Reinforced October 1888 by

Field detachments

Lingtu Column

Intchi Column


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