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The Sind Light Railway Co Ltd was a privately owned railway opened in 1909 linking Mirpurkhas(Mirpur Khas) south-eastwards to Jhudo.

Note - not to be confused with the Sind Railway Company, formed in 1854, to construct a line from Karachi to Indus; or its successor the Sind, Punjab and Delhi Railway.

The "Sind Light Railway Company Ltd" was founded in Bombay in 1908 by a Bombay businessman Sir Montague de Pomeroy Webb. [1]

Mirpurkhas(Mirpur Khas) became a railway junction in the early 20th century. Until 1909 there was only a metre gauge(MG) Jodhpur-Bikaner Railway(JBR),line running through the district, from Hyderabad eastward to Barmer and onward to Luni Junction.

In 1909, the "Sind Light Railway Co Ltd" opened a line from Jamrao Junction near Mirpurkhas to Jhudo, a length of 80 miles(81km); it became the Mirpur Khas-Jhudo Railway as a (MG) branch of the Jodhpur-Bikaner Railway(JBR) under a working agreement [2].

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