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The Tadasa-Hebbe Tramway , owned and worked by Mysore State Railway, was a 2ft/610mm narrow gauge(NG) line. It was sanctioned for construction in August 1917 with a recorded length of 9½ miles (15km)[1] and commissioned on February 5, 1921, which was operated until 1949 [2] as the line was in the path of the ‘Lakkavali Reservoir and Irrigation Project on the Bhadra River’[3].


The tramway was commissioned by the Mysore State Forest Department and the records state it to be a forest tramway. Tadessa was a station on the Tarikere-Narasimharajapura Tramway and it is assumed that these two lines were worked together [3].

Tadasa is a small township 5miles(8km) north of Bhadravati and Hebbe is a remote area in the hills 12 miles(19km) south; these distances do not add up to the 9½ miles (15km) given in the 1918 Administration Report)[1] .

Hebbe is in the vicinity of Kemmanagundi, in the Baba Budangiri hills, the location of the rich iron ore deposits [4] and is the terminus of the Tadasa-Hebbe Tramway.

The Mysore Iron Works at Bhadravati was planned in 1915-16 and commenced operations in 1921 using the iron ore from the region of Hebbe / Kemmanagundi.

It seems most likely the Tadasa-Hebbe Tramway was also used to carry the iron ore to the Iron Works.

The Tadasa-Hebbe Tramway worked in conjunuction with the Tarikere-Narasimharajapura Tramway , a 2ft/610mm narrow gauge(NG) line]], also owned and worked by Mysore State Railway; opened in May 1917 [1]; still operating in 1948 but closed shortly after [2] .

Further Information

For details and map for tramways in this region see Tramways in Mysore State


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