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Thailand was previously known as Siam.

The Anglo-Siamese Treaty of 1909 provided rights for British subjects in Siam, including the right of property the right of residence and travel. As part of this treaty, the Siamese government transferred to the British government the states of Kelantan, Tringganu, Kedah, Perlis, and adjacent islands. These areas areas became part of the Unfederated Malay States.

A rubber plantation industry developed in Thailand. For general information about this industry, see Malaysia.

There was a Norwegian community in Thailand. [1]


  • See General Register Office for general sources which may be relevant.
  • British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia (BACSA) has published
Bangkok : the Protestant Cemetery, & notes on other cemeteries in Thailand by Justin Corfield. 1997. Available at the British Library UIN: BLL01008881252
BACSA have put indexes to the majority of their cemetery books online, including this book, and these indexes are free to browse. For more details, see the Fibiwiki page British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia.
There were many Danes buried in the Bangkok cemetery, as there was a substantial group of Danes who came to Thailand to train the Police and Customs Services. See Danish.
Note: this publication appears to be part of the BACSA database, see previous item above.
  • The FamilySearch catalogue of microfilms/digitised microfilms includes the following
"Extracts from St. Andrew's Outlook, quarterly messenger of the Presbyterian Churches in Malaya, Sumatra, Burma and Siam : marriages and deaths, March 1914 - July 1951" catalogue entry film 87992. See the Fibiwiki page FamilySearch Centres for information about microfilms and digitised microfilms. Currently (2021/04/05) the access is at FamilySearch Family History Centres and at FamilySearch Affiliate Libraries.
  • For online editions of the publication The Directory & Chronicle for China, Japan, Corea, Indo-China, Straits Settlements, Malay States, Siam, Netherlands India, Borneo, the Philippines, &c, and similar publications, which may contain birth, marriage and death notices, see the Fibiwiki page China.
  • The London and China Express, published in London, with target readership those outside the Indian Empire, including Siam, is available on Findmypast, category "Newspapers & periodicals"/"British newspapers", with the same contents also available on the British Newspaper Archive, both pay websites. The date range is from November 25, 1858 to July 2, 1931. For more details see Newspapers and journals online.
  • Bangkok Recorder (1865 - 1867) is available on the free site Trove (Australian digitised newspapers). Searchable, or to browse the issues Trove: Newspapers & Gazettes, then click on "All newspaper and gazette titles"/Browse (top left hand side of webpage)/Title/Letter B/Bangkok Recorder (Thailand : 1865 - 1867). Use the calendar to access multiple editions which are available for the date range. .
  • Some incidental records relating to Siam, especially BMDs for the 19th century, may have been collected by the Anglo-Burmese Library. Refer Burma - External links
  • The National Archives of Singapore has in its collection, viewable in Singapore, a microfilm of records from Church of England, Diocese of Singapore catalogued as "Baptisms Solemnized At Christ Church, Convent Road, Bangkok from 01.05.1905 - 27.02.1949" Microfilm Number: NA 2349 catalogue entry.
  • The book In Memoriam Burma-Siam 1942-1945, published in Bangkok in 1946 (Dutch language) in respect of Dutch war graves is available at the British Library UIN: BLL01011257081 , and also at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah - catalogue entry with details of contents.
Also at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah catalogue entry for [List of deceased World War Two-era Dutch military personnel in Burma and Siam], 1946, Dutch language, source Nederlandsch Hoofdkwartier Bangkok, Kantoor Personeele Zaken Afd. Inlichtingen Overledenen (Dutch Headquarters Bangkok, Office Personnel Affairs Dept. Information Deceased).
  • Check the free online Singapore newspapers. 4 Bangkok deaths in 1906 were noted in one article,[2] also a 1915 death.[3]

External links

Bangkok Protestant Cemetery
"The Protestant Cemetery Bangkok: a memorial to the early pioneers" by Eric Lim. Some members of the Jewish community in Bangkok were also buried there.
British, German and Danish graves are the most common.[4]
[Other] "Bangkok Churches: religious harmony in the land of temples" by Eric Lim



Historical books online

  • The voyages and adventures of Ferdinand Mendez Pinto ... during his travels for the space of one and twenty years in the kingdoms of Ethiopia, China, Tartaria, Cauchin-China, Calaminham, Siam, Pegu, Japan, and a great part of the East-Indies. Done into English by H C [Henry Cogan] 1663 edition, 2nd edition, corrected and amended 1663 First Portuguese edition 1614.
The voyages and adventures of Ferdinand Mendez Pinto, the Portuguese (done into English by Henry Cogan) with an Introduction by Arminius Vambery. A volume in The Adventure Series. Abridged and Illustrated edition 1891, Popular edition 1897 All
The Travels of Mendes Pinto Edited and translated by Rebecca D Catz 1989. Books to Borrow/Lending Library
Fernão Mendes Pinto Wikipedia. He made three voyage 1537-1558.
  • English intercourse with Siam in the seventeenth century by John Anderson 1890, with a Map The province of Tenasserim was then part of the kingdom of Siam.
  • Peter Floris His Voyage to the East Indies in the Globe 1611-1615 edited by W H Moreland. Printed for the Hakluyt Society Second Series No LXXIV 1934. Originally translated from a manuscript in Dutch. Includes a chapter on Siam.
  • "Early Trade Relations between Denmark and Siam" by His Highness Prince Dhani Nivat and Major Erik Seidenfaden page 1 The Journal Of The Siam Society 1939 Vol XXXI
  • The history of Japan, giving an account of the ancient and present state and government of that empire : of its temples, palaces, castles and other buildings, of its metals, minerals, trees, plants, animals, birds and fishes, of the chronology and succession of the emperors, ecclesiastical and secular, of the original descent, religions, customs, and manufactures of the natives, and of their trade and commerce with the Dutch and Chinese : together with a description of the kingdom of Siam by Engelbert Kaempfer [1651-1716], translated by John Gaspar Scheuchzer. Published 1727. Volume I, Volume II
Reprint edition The history of Japan, together with a description of the kingdom of Siam, 1690-92, published 1906. Volume I, Volume II, Volume III
Engelbert Kaempfer (Wikipedia), also Engelbert Kämpfer or Engelbertus Kaempferus. C 1685 Kaempfer joined the fleet of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) in the Persian Gulf as chief surgeon and in September 1689, arrived in Batavia. In May 1690 he set out for Japan as physician to the VOC trading post in Nagasaki. He was also the author of Amoenitatum exoticarum (Latin language) concerning Japan, published 1712 in (modern) Germany.
  • "The Management of the Dutch in India" page 309 An account of the trade in India: containing rules for good government in trade, price courants, and tables: with descriptions of Fort St. George, Acheen, Malacca, Condore, Canton, Anjengo, Muskat, Gombroon, Surat, Goa, Carwar, Telichery, Panola, Calicut, the Cape of Good-Hope, and St. Helena... To which is added, An Account of the Management of the Dutch in their Affairs in India by Charles Lockyer 1711 Contains a brief reference to Siam.
  • "Siam" page 51 The New Universal Traveller: Containing a Full and Distinct Account of All the Empires, Kingdoms, and States, in the Known World by J Carver 1779 Google Books
  • Journal of a Voyage from India to Siam and Malacca in 1779 by Dr J G Koenig. Journal Of The Straits Branch Of The Royal Asiatic Society No. 26, January 1894 and No.27, October 1894. (in one digital volume). Translated from his manuscripts in German and Danish in nineteen volumes at the British Museum. Koenig came to India in 1768 where he acted as doctor to the Danish Missionaries at Tranquebar and afterwards was appointed Naturalist to the Nabob of Arcot.
Pages 58-192 No.26 January 1894 which ends "Here ends the first part of Vol.2"; "Continuation Vol 13, from page 43" pages 193-201, No.26 January 1894; Continuation Vol 2, from page 1 page 57-133 No.27, October 1894.
Part II (May 1824 to July 1826)
Part III (August 1825 to March 1825)
Part IV (November 1824 to June 1827
Part V (February 1825 to October 1827)
Part VI (January 1826 to February 1831)
Each part is separately numbered.
  • Volume III V.3, pt.1. Mar. 1827-June 1833.--pt.2. Aug. 1830-June 1840. Page numbering is continuous.
  • Volume IV Part I (February 1838 to March 1849)
Part 2 (March 1841 to December 1846)
Each part is separately numbered.
  • Volume V Part 1 (Retrospect of British policy from the period of the first establishment of Penang 17th July 1786-1839). Only Part 1 was published.
The files from are available to read online, or to download.
Five Years in Siam, from 1891 to 1896 by H Warington Smyth, formerly Director of the Department of Mines in Siam. 1898. With Maps and Illustrations by the author.
Volume I
Volume I, Volume II HathiTrust Digital Library
Volume I with General Index Map; Volume II British Library Digital Collection.
Third Edition 1932 With illustrations. Note, to view, select single page option, as the book has been scanned two original pages to one digital page.
Index Volume I to XXV Journal of the Siam Society 1935
Also available online, where articles may be downloaded, from The Siam Society website. A complete series, currently to 2016. (Journals are placed online three years after being published).


  • On & Off Duty in Annam by Gabrielle M Vassal 1910. The author was an English woman married to a French Army doctor who was appointed in 1904 to the Pasteur Institute at Nhatrang, the “prettiest and healthiest spot in Annam” which was the European capital of the Province of Khanhoa, two days from Saigon by boat. The Institute conducted plague research and other bacteriological work, and the location was chosen for the availability of cattle and horses required for the research experiments.
1910 review of the book Nature August 25, 1910.


  1. Meet Connie Connie Mangskau was born in Chiangmai, Thailand in 1907 to an English father and Thai mother. At 18 she was married to a Norwegian rubber planter. For her support of the Norwegian community in Thailand, she was later presented with an award.
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