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Frampton’s 1579 book The Most Noble and Famous Travels of Marcus Paulus… was republished in 1929 as The Most Noble and Famous Travels of Marco Polo, together with the travels of Nicolò de' Conti, edited by N M Penzer. "The Travels of Nicolò de' Conti in the East" page 124 and Appendix I, page 259 2nd edition 1937 (enlarged).
An account of Nicolo de’ Conti is found in Chapters IX and and X of Pero Tafur: Travels and adventures 1435-1439 translated and edited with an introduction by Malcolm Letts. 1926 from page 84 with Notes page 241
‪India in the Fifteenth Century‬: ‪Being a Collection of Narratives of Voyages to India ... from Latin, Persian, Russian and Italian Sources ... Translated Into English edited by Richard Henry Major 1857. Printed for the Hakluyt Society. Google Books. Also available on The Travels of Abd-Er-Razzak; Nicolo Conti, translated from the original of Poggio Bracciolini, papal secretary, with notes, by J.W. Jones; Athanasius Nikitin, a native of Twer; Hieronimo di Santo Stefano, a Genoese.
The voyages and adventures of Ferdinand Mendez Pinto, the Portuguese (done into English by Henry Cogan) with an Introduction by Arminius Vambery. A volume in The Adventure Series. Abridged and Illustrated edition 1891, Popular edition 1897 All
The Travels of Mendes Pinto Edited and translated by Rebecca D Catz 1989. Books to Borrow/Lending Library
Fernão Mendes Pinto Wikipedia. He made three voyage 1537-1558.
Originally published in 1596 as Itinerario: Voyage ofte schipvaert van Jan Huygen van Linschoten naer Oost ofte Portugaels Indien, 1579-1592 , with first English translation in 1598, John Huighen van Linschoten his Discours of Voyages into ye Easte & West Indies, deuided into foure books. Jan Huyghen van Linschoten Wikipedia.
The 1885 edition is edited from the First Book. Vol I edited by the late Arthur Coke Burnell of the Madras Civil Service. Vol. II edited by P A Tiele., mirror from PAHAR Mountains of Central Asia Digital Dataset.
1598 English edition Translated from the Dutch by William Phillip. Library of Congress.
Hakluytus posthumus, or, Purchas his Pilgrimes: contayning a history of the world in sea voyages and lande travells by Englishmen and others by Samuel Purchas 1905 reprint, original 1625 Volume II, Contents. Volume III, Contents. Volume IV, Contents. Volume V, Contents. Other volumes:
Mandelsloʼs travels in Western India (A.D.1638-9) by M.S. Commissariat 1931., mirror from the collection of the Archaeological Survey of India at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts.
A collection of several relations & treatises singular and curious of John Baptista Tavernier, Baron of Aubonne, not printed among his first six voyages 1680
Travels in India by John Baptista Tavernier, Baron of Aubonne. Translated from the original French edition of 1676 by V Ball (Valentine), Director of the Science and Art Museum, Dublin. 1889. Volume I, Volume II
2nd edition: Volume I and Volume II (one digital file) 1925, edited by William Crooke, late of Indian Civil Service. This edition includes revisions made by Dr Ball prior to his death in 1895, but not published.
  • The travels of Richard Bell (and John Campbell) in the East Indies, Persia, and Palestine. 1654-1670, edited by Sir R.C. Temple. Printed as a book 1908, originally available as seven extracts from The Indian Antiquary 1906-1908. Part, or all of this account is also available in a subscription website Adam Matthew Digital database Empire Online under the title The Travels of Richard Bell, gun founder to the Great Mughals travelling in India and the Middle East, 1654-1669, description including topics.
1906 pages 131-142, pages 168-178, pages 203-210; 1907 pages 98-105, pages 125-134, pages 173-179; 1908 pages 156-170 The Indian Antiquary.
An Account of the Inquisition at Goa, in India. Translated from the French of M. Dellon 1819 Translated from a copy printed in Paris in 1687. The events happened in 1674. Dellon, a physician spent some time in North Malabar and was operating out of the French factory in Tellicherry for five years after which he left the French services. Six months later, he was in jail In Daman [1](Damaun)
  • The Travels of the Abbe Carre in India and the Near East, 1672 to 1674. Tr. from the ms. journal of his travels in the India Office by Lady Fawcett and ed. by Sir Charles Fawcett with the assistance of Sir Richard Burn. In three volumes (Works issued by the Hakluyt Society. 2nd series ; No. 95-97) 1947-48. Volume I From France through Syria, Iraq, and the Persian Gulf to Surat, Goa, and Bijapur... version, mirror from Digital Library of India. Original title includes alternative spelling Abbé Carré. (Volume II is From Bijapur to Madras and St. Thomé. Account of the capture of Trincomalee Bay and St. Thomé by De la Haye and of the siege of St. Thomé by the Golconda army and hostilities with the Dutch. Volume III Return journey to France).Translation of Le courier de l'Orient.
  • A new account of East-India and Persia : : in eight letters being nine years travels, begun 1672 and finished 1681 by John Fryer 1698 London. Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek. Includes Bombaim [Bombay], Surat. Goa. Includes, facing p114 drawings of the Areca Nut or Betele nut, and other plants. Google Books edition which appears to contain some, but not all illustrations.
A later edition, edited, with notes and an introduction, by William Crooke, formerly of the Bengal Civil Service, in three volumes, printed for the Hakluyt Society, (Second Series, 2/19, 2/20 and 2/39) 1909-1915. Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, mirrors from Digital Library of India. Additional digital files may be available.
Transcribed version
Indian Records Series. Indian travels of Thevenot and Careri : being the third part of the travels of Jean de Thevenot into the Levant and the third part of a voyage round the world by John Francis Gemelli Careri edited by Surendranath Sen 1949. Contains many Notes at the back of the book. 1949 edition, Reprint edition 2011
Jean de Thévenot 1633-1667 Wikipedia.
A Voyage to Surat in the Year 1689 by John Ovington, edited by H G Rawlinson, with commentary, 1929., mirror from Digital Library of India. Some words may be missing due to the scanning. 1994 reprint of the 1929 edition
  • Storia do Mogor; or, Mogul India 1653-1708 by Niccolao Manucci, Venetian, translated by William Irvine, Bengal Civil Service (retired) 1907. Part of Indian Texts Series Volume I, Volume II, Volume III, Volume IV.
A Pepys of Mongul India, 1653-1708 : being an abridged edition of the "Storia do Mogor" of Niccolao Manucci 1913
  • A Collection of Voyages and Travels: Some Now First Printed from Original Manuscripts... : Volume IV which contains A Voyage round the World in Six parts viz, Turky; Persia; India; China; the Philippine Islands; New Spain by Dr John Francis Gemelli Careri Written originally in Italian, translated into English. 1704 edition including "Part III Indostan", page 256 Google Books. The author was in India in 1695. Third edition, 1744 including "Part III Indostan" page 186. Note: missing first page of the Preface.
Indian Travels of Careri c page 154 Indian Records Series. Indian travels of Thevenot and Careri : being the third part of the travels of Jean de Thevenot into the Levant and the third part of a voyage round the world by John Francis Gemelli Careri edited by Surendranath Sen 1949.
Giovanni Francesco Gemelli Careri Wikipedia.
Table of Contents, computer pages 28-31; General index of Persons commencing part O-Z computer pages 632-633; General Index of Things A-Z computer pages 634-637.
For more details of the author, see List of Indian Civil Servants
Volume I, Volume II, Volume III Google Books
Volume I, Volume II, Volume III British Library Digital Collection. Images can be rotated.
Some sources give her names as Eleanor Louisa, Mrs Thomas Kibble. However, another source gives her as Julia Harvey, born 1825, the daughter of William Morton an engineer and his wife Juliana. [2] There was a marriage in Cawnpore 10 September 1845 of Julian Susan Morton , age 20, to Edward Harvey, Captain 10th Light Cavalry. He appears to be still alive in the late 1850s, so if this identification was correct, she did not undertake the journey due to widowhood. Article about the book by Christina Stoltz
A varied life: a record of military and civil service, of sport and of travel in India, Central Asia and Persia 1849 -1902 by Gen. Sir Thomas Edward Gordon. 1906 Also see Iran for another book by this author.
British Library version with illustrations; version. Lacks illustrations
Across The Highways Of The World by K J Kharas, R D Gandhi, R D Shroff. Second edition 1941, first published 1939., Public Library of India Collection.
Khyber Caravan: Through Kashmir, Waziristan, Afghanistan, Baluchistan and Northern India by Gordon Sinclair 1936. Also available PAHAR Mountains of Central Asia Digital Dataset. If download button does not display, locate in Books/Indian Subcontinent/1936.
"Chapter 13 Footloose in India" page 129 Signposts to Adventure by Gordon Sinclair 1947 Books to Borrow/Lending Library.

The Overland Route to and from India

“Remarks and Occurrences in a Journey from Aleppo to Bassora by way of the Desert" by William Beawes, Esqr 1745 from The Desert Route to India by Douglas Carruthers from Sylvia Volk’s Page of Asia, now archived
“Account of a Journey from Basra to Aleppo in 1748” by Gaylard Roberts from The Desert Route to India by Douglas Carruthers from Sylvia Volk’s Page of Asia, now archived
Sample pages from The Desert Route to India edited by Douglas Carruthers 1929. Google Books.
Article about the author "Man who sailed up the ganges and died in Nagpur" by Shishir Arya Sep 27 2019 The Times of India, Nagpur City. George Forster spent his last years at Nagpur as the East India Company’s envoy at the Bhonsla king’s court from 1788 to 1791, where he died at the age of 39, reportedly of fever.


Volume Two: The New World 1950/1938. Note: missing at least pages 417-428 “Military Expeditions”.
Volume Two: The New World 1950/1938 [All pages] Lending Library
(Volume Three: Great Britain)


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