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The Marrhi fortress.jpg
Presidency: Bengal
Present Day Details
Place Name: Wah
State/Province: Punjab
Country: Pakistan
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Wah was a village and seat of a feudal Jagir estate in the northern Punjab's Attock District. It was the ancestral seat of the famous Hayat family of the Khattar tribe, which produced Nawab Muhammad Hayat Khan (of John Nicholson fame), Sir Sikandar Hayat Khan and Sir Liaquat Hayat Khan.

Wah village is located on the Grand Trunk Road. It also had the ruins of a old Mughal pleasure gardens and a baradari pavilion, dating to the time of the Emperor Shah Jehan (r:1628-1658).

The old, original village is not to be confused with the 'Wah Cantonment' and Ordnance Factory, which were built nearby much later.

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