Battle of Kujwa

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Battle of Kujwa
Part of Indian Mutiny
Date: 1 November 1857
Location: Kujwa, Bindki, Uttar Pradesh
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 26.049714°N 80.583325°E
Result: British victory
East India Company Rebel Sepoys
Lt-Col Powell, HM 53rd Regiment
Capt William Peel VC, Naval Brigade
400 infantry
103 Naval Brigade
2 guns
2,000 sepoys
2,000 irregulars
95 killed and wounded 300

This was part of the operations of Shannon's Naval Brigade in the Oude Campaign during the Indian Mutiny


Shannon's Naval Brigade under Capt Peel was making for Cawnpore when it took part in an action against rebels near Bindki, Uttar Pradesh. Colonel Powell was killed and the command fell on Peel. The enemy was driven from the field.

Field Force

Lt-Col Powell commanding

Two 9-pounder guns under Lt Anderson, Bengal Artillery

Spelling Variants

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