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Brassey & Co, Railway Contractors [1] were a subsidiary of ‘Thomas Brassey & Co’ of Canada Works, Birkenhead, England [2] with Thomas Brassey as Chairman [3]

The records show the following partnerships established to undertake different projects in India:-

  • 'Brassey, Wythes and Paxman' - Thomas Brassey, Mr Wythes, Sir Joseph Paxman
  • 'Brassey, Wythes and Henfry' - Thomas Brassey, Mr Wythes, Mr C.Henfrey
  • 'Brassey, Wythes and Perry' - Thomas Brassey, Mr Wythes, Mr Perry

Railway Projects in India

East Bengal Railway(EBR). In 1858 Mr Brassey, in partnership with Mr Wythes and Sir Joseph Paxman, undertook the construction of the EBR a line of 112 miles(179km) from Calcutta to Kooshtea(Kushtia) on the River Ganges. The line opened in stages from Calcutta in 1862 and completed through to Kushtia in 1864. The section from Calcutta via Ranaghat, Pradah Junction to Jagati Junction eventually becoming the ‘EBR Broad Gauge Mainline’ and from Jagati Junction the ‘EBR Kushtia Loop’ [4]

Delhi Railway. In c.1864 ‘Brassey & Co,’ in partnership with Mr Wythes and Mr C.Henfrey, under the name 'Messrs. Brassey, Wythes and Henfry' were contracted by the Scinde Railway Company to construct the line from Amritsar(Umritsir) to Ghaziabad (Ghazeeabad), 305 miles(490km). Mr G.P.Bidder was the consulting engineer in England and Mr Joseph Harrison the chief engineer resident in India. Construction of this (Broad Gauge) line commenced early 1865 and line opened in stages from 1868-70.The railway merged to become ‘Scinde, Punjaub & Delhi Railway’ in 1870. From 1886 become part of the North Western Railway ‘NWR BG Mainline’ from Karachi to Delhi [5].
The Report dated Nov 1868 on the opening of the Meerut to Ambala(Umballa) section of the 'Delhi Railway' lists the following Contractor’s staff [6]:-

  • C Henfrey - Brassey, Wythes & Henfry
  • J C Marillier - Iron Bridge Engineer
  • J E Hartley - Civil Engineer
  • J Baylis - Agent Umballa District
  • J C Johnson - Agent Jumna Bridge
  • A J Symounds - Agent Saharunpore District
  • T C Marshall - Agent Khuttowlie District
  • T Deveria - Agent Meerut District

First Chord EIR Line see separate page for further informaion
The contract was let to the 'Brassey, Wythes and Perry Partnership', and the work was commenced in 1866. Construction on the line was slow and it was opened in 1871 [7].


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