Dandot Branch Line

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The Dandot Branch Line first opened in 1883 as a metre gauge(MG) line from Chalisa Junction on the mainline to the Khewra Salt Mines and extended to Dandot, a total of 8.5 miles(13.6km), as part of the Punjab Northern State Railway(PNSR) network. The line was converted to broad gauge(BG) in Aug 1887 to connect the Khewra Salt Mines to Chalisa Junction on the North Western Railway(NWR) network, which by that time was a fully BG. The extension to Dandot from Khewra, 2.1 miles(3.4km), was converted to BG in Aug 1889 [1].

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At Dandot there was an interchange with the Dandot Light Railway and its associated coal mines.