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Fred Bremner (1863-1941 was born in Scotland and was the son of Photographer. After leaving school he worked for some years in his father's studio before travelling to India in 1882 to work for his brother in law - who had a photographic studio in Lucknow. From 1889 he began to establish his own photographic studios - firstly in Karachi and later Quetta , Lahore and Rawalpindi. He returned to the UK in 1923 and died in Scotland in 1941 not long after publication of his memoir "My Forty Years in India"

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Fred Bremner’s Indian Years 1882-1923 by Brij Bhushan Sharma. Includes links to a number of essays. There is no link for Essay 1, but it is available in an archived form. Includes quotes from his autobiography My Forty Years in India, published 1940, (now available in a reprint edition[1]) The website includes a series of 9 Indian soldier images from his pictorial album Types of the British Indian Army 1895, which contained c 60 images.

Fred Bremner Includes commercial details.

Fred Bremner also published a number of books in respect of British Army regiments which included a short history but mainly consisted of photographs. Three of these are available at the British Library, and others [2] perhaps may be available at Regimental Museums or Archives, but otherwise appear to be rare.

  • 2nd Battalion, The Black Watch (Royal Highlanders} Peshawar India 1907. Photographs and publication by F Bremner
  • The 1st Battalion Cheshire Regiment, illustrated. With brief historical account of the services of the Regiment, etc. Quetta : Fred Bremner, 1902. British Library reference UIN: BLL01004039706
  • The 1st Battalion Dorsetshire Regiment illustrated. With brief historical account of the services of the Regiment. Ferozepore ... 1906. Lahore : Fred. Bremner, [1906]. British Library UIN: BLL01001096457
  • 2nd Battalion The Gordon Highlanders Peshawar India 1907 Lahore: Bremner 1907
  • 2nd Battalion, The Prince of Wales' North Staffordshire Regiment... 1908. Mooltan, Punjab, India: F Bremner. 1908.[3]
  • 2nd Battalion Princess Victoria’s Royal Irish Fusiliers Ferozepore India 1908. Lahore: Bremner 1908
  • The 2nd Battalion, Suffolk Regiment ... With brief historical account of the services of the regiment. Quetta : Fred Bremner, 1899. British Library UIN: BLL01004050083
  • South Lancashire Regiment. 1st Battalion Prince of Wales’s Volunteers Lahore 1910. Lahore: Bremner 1910.
  • 1st Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment, Quetta Baluchistan 1903. Lahore: F Bremner 1907
  • West Yorkshire Regiment. 1st Battalion Prince of Wales Own. Mian –Mir and Dalhousie, Punjab 1906. Lahore F Bremner 1906 and 1st Battalion Prince of Wales Own. Rawalpindi 1910. Lahore: F Bremner 1910
  • 1st Battalion Duke of Edinburgh’s Wiltshire Regiment, Quetta Baluchistan 1899. Quetta: F Bremner 1899
  • 1st Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment, Quetta Baluchistan 1907. Lahore: Bremner 1907.


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