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Iran was previously known as Persia. This page also includes the Persian Gulf and surrounding areas.

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FIBIS resources


  • See FIBIS resources above
  • See General Register Office for births, marriages and deaths, including details of Findmypast and Ancestry databases. In particular Findmypast includes TNA FO 560/1 "Bushire, Iran: Register Of Births, Baptisms, Marriages & Deaths 1849-1895", being indexes and also including the images in "British Armed Forces and Overseas Browse". Also some records from "Various Consulates, Iran (formerly Persia)" and some "Persian Gulf" locations.
  • Society of Genealogists, London.
    • The Society of Genealogists’ now archived page Geographical Resources Overseas: Iran states that it has records for Iran: Teheran: Akbarabad Prot Cemetery, British B 1811-1969
    • A search for Iran in the Society of Genealogists' Catalogue includes the following entry: Persian Gulf (& surrounds) : MIs: An Indian miscellany, consisting of genealogical & biographical notes & lists of monumental inscriptions by H Bullock and H K Percy-Smith 1941-44
  • "Graves of Europeans in the Armenian Cemetery at Isfahan" by T. W. Haig The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland (July, 1919), pp. 321-352.
  • “Burials and Memorials of the British in Persia” by Denis Wright from the journal Iran published by the British Institute of Persian Studies Vol. 36, (1998) pp. 165-173, Vol. 37, (1999), pp. 173-174, Vol. 39, (2001), pp. 293-298 However, access through to the entire articles is subject to a fee, unless you have access through your library. The text, but no photographs, for the 1999 article, pages 173-174, may be seen here scroll down, download appears possible also. (
The journal Iran is available at the British Library, UIN: BLL01017595572
See also Armenian Graves in Bushire from Chater Genealogy which refers to these articles and records. Another source for some transcription from a Wright article.[1]
The original records are now in the London Metropolitan Archives DL/E/E/056/MS11215A (previously in the Guildhall) and are records from the Mission Chapel, Julfa. The chapel appears to have been attached to the Church Missionary Society. Catalogue entry or Search the Catalogue.
There are also some records for Iran in the "World Miscellaneous" records on FamilySearch

FIBIS resources

John Isaacson, who at the time was described as a "Sergeant, RE", arrived in Persia on 11 November 1863 and was posted to the Persian section of the IETD. He died in Bushire in 1892.

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"Wires of Discord: England, the Indo-European Telegraph Line and Ottoman-Iranian Border Conflicts" by Soli Shahvar, Iran Namag Volume 1, Number 1, Spring 2016. Article In Persian with Google Translate English version , or if link is unstable use Google Translate.
  • Armenian Graves in Bushire Chater Genealogy
  • "The Raj Reconsidered: British India’s Informal Empire and Spheres of Influence in Asia and Africa" by James Onley Asian Affairs Volume XL, no. I, March 2009 original pdf
Britain and the Gulf Shaikhdoms, 1820 - 1971: The Politics of Protection by James Onley 2009 Center for International and Regional Studies (CIRS), Qatar.


Historical books online

Also see Gazetteers - Persian Gulf, Oman And Central Arabia
Sir John Chardin’s Travels in Persia. 1927 reprint of the 1724 edition A New and Accurate Description of Persia, (there having been a 1720 edition with the title Sir John Chardin’s Travels in Persia translated by Edmund Lloyd), from the original French publications about travels in Persia 1669-1677, edited by N M Penzer with a "Preface", and an "Introduction" by Sir Percy Sykes. 1927
Chardin, Sir John Encyclopædia Iranica
A later edition, edited, with notes and an introduction, by William Crooke, formerly of the Bengal Civil Service. in three volumes, printed for the Hakluyt Society, (Second Series, 2/19, 2/20 and 2/39) 1909-1915. Volume 1, Volume II, Volume III., Public Library of India Collection.
Also available Qatar Digital Library where the illustrations have been correctly rotated, the latter digitised from British Library: Printed Collections, IOL.1947.b.134
Central Asia. Part V. A contribution towards the better knowledge of the History, Ethnography, Topography, and resources of part of Asiatic Turkey and Caucasia compiled by Lieutenant-Colonel C M Macgregor 1872. Qatar Digital Library.
Volume II. Zoology and Geology by W T Blanford. 1876
Persia Revisited by General Sir Thomas Edward Gordon, formerly Military Attache and Oriental Secretary to Her Majesty’s Legation at Tehran. 1896, Public Library of India Collection.
A History of Persia by Lieut-Col P M Sykes 1915 Volume I, Volume II;
Vol I, 2nd edition 1921. Also available World Digital Library Library of Congress. Images and maps may be better/ rotatable. Click on image to read online. Vol II, 2nd edition 1921;
Vol I, 3rd edition 1930, Vol II, 3rd edition 1930
Persia by Brigadier General Sir Percy Sykes 1922 including
A biography of Sir Percy Sykes: Persia in the Great Game: Sir Percy Sykes, Explorer, Consul, Soldier, Spy by Antony Wynn 2003. Available at the British Library UIN: BLL01006930820 . Book review.[4]
British Library Untold lives blog ‘Persian Gulf tragedy’ – the death of John Gordon Lorimer 08 February 2014 (retrieved 18 June 2014)
The Gates of India, being an Historical Narrative by Colonel Sir Thomas Holdich 1910
Political Frontiers and Boundary Making by Col. Sir Thomas H Holdich 1916
"Between the Tigris and the Indus" by Colonel Sir Thomas H Holdich The Geographical Review Volume IV September 1, 1917
The Persian Gulf. An Historical Sketch from the Earliest Times to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century by Lt. Col. Sir Arnold T Wilson 1928. 2nd file
Persia by Sir Arnold Wilson 1932. Link to a pdf download STOU Digital Repository Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University, Thailand. Note, website has been noticed to be unavailable at times. Possibly may be open only during "office hours". mirror version. Missing some of the front matter pages.
Article "The Raj Reconsidered: British India’s Informal Empire and Spheres of Influence in Asia and Africa" by James Onley. Asian Affairs, vol. XL, no. I, March 2009


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