Persian War

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Persian War
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
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Location: Persia
East India Company Persia
Result: British victory
India General Service Medal 1854
Clasp: Persia
Category: Persian War
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Persian War
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Persia's expansion on its eastern frontier culminated in the occupation of Herat in Afghanistan on 25 October 1856. Britain responded by declaring war on 1 November. The British under Commodore Young occupied Kharg Island and an advance division under Maj-Gen Stalker took Bushire in December. Reinforcements under Sir James Outram arrived from Bombay in January 1857. After a series of British victories the Treaty of Paris was signed on 4 March 1857 and the Persians withdrew from Herat.

Expeditionary Force

First Division
Maj-Gen Foster Stalker CB

Artillery under Brig H W Trevelyan

Cavalry Brigade under Brig T Tapp

1st Infantry Brigade under Brig J Stopford CB

2nd Infantry Brigade under Brig R W Honner

Engineer Department under Brevet Maj J Hill

Total 4234

Second Division
Brig-Gen Havelock CB

First Brigade under Brig Hamilton

Second Brigade under Brig Hale

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