War against Dutch in Ceylon

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War against Dutch in Ceylon
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
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Location: Ceylon
British Navy and the East India Company Dutch
Result: British took Dutch possessions
Medals: Capture of Ceylon 1795-96
Category: War against Dutch in Ceylon
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War Against Dutch in Ceylon
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In the French Revolutionary Wars the French overran the Netherlands and created the puppet state of the Batavian Republic. This gave Britain a pretext for attacking the Dutch settlements in Ceylon.

British Forces

Colonel James Stuart commanding

  • 1st Battalion (14 Europeans and 643 natives) under Capt Fergusson
  • 23rd Battalion (13 Europeans and 643 natives) under Capt Campbell
  • Pioneers (2 sergeants and 219 natives) under Lieut Dowse
  • 13 Staff Officers

Total 1,314 Europeans and 1,845 natives

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Siege of Trincomalee 3-26 August 1795
Occupation of Colombo 12 February 1796

Other events
The following locations were occupied without resistance

Fort Ostenburg 31 August 1795
Batticaloa Fort 18 September 1795 (Major Fraser)
Jaffnapatam 28 September 1795 (Colonel Stuart)
Mullaittivu 1 October 1795 (Captain Monson)
Island and Fort of Manar 5 October (Captain Barbut)
Kalpitiya 13 October (Captain Bowser)
Negombo 3 February 1796 (Captain Barbut)


Entries in the Dictionary of Indian Biography 1906
Peter Rainier (1742-1808)
James Stuart (17??-1793)

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