18th Hussars

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Also known as 18th (Light) Dragoons


  • 1715 raised as Richard Molesworth's Regiment of Dragoons ranked as 19th Dragoons
  • 1718 disbanded
  • 1759 reformed as 19th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons
  • 1766 became 4th Regiment of Light Dragoons
  • 1769 became 18th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons
  • 1805 became 18th (King's Irish) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons
  • 1805 became 18th (King's Irish) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons (Hussars)
  • 1821 disbanded in Ireland
  • 1858 reformed at Leeds as 18th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons from a nucleus of 15th Hussars
  • 1861 became 18th Hussars
  • 1903 renamed the 18th (Princess of Wales's Own) Hussars
  • 1905 renamed the 18th (Victoria Mary, Princess of Wales's Own) Hussarss
  • 1910 renamed the 18th (Queen Mary's Own) Hussars
  • 1921 renamed the18th Royal Hussars (Queen Mary's Own)
  • 1922 amalgamated with the 13th Hussars to form the 13th/18th Hussars
  • 1935 became the 13th/18th Royal Hussars (Queen Mary's Own)
  • 1992 consolidated with the 15th/19th King’s Hussars to form the Light Dragoons

Service in British India

Due to the return of the 18th Hussars to England, on 8 April 1875 2 privates transferred to the 13th Hussars[1]

Regimental histories

  • Light Dragoons : the Origins of a New Regiment by Allan Mallinson. 1993. Available at the British Library BLL01008113929 . A later 2006 edition was published under the title Light Dragoons : the Making of a Regiment. Covers the 13th Hussars, 15th Hussars, 18th Hussars, and 19th Hussars.

External Links

Historical books online

  • Historical Records of the Eighteenth Hussars by Captain Harold Esdaile Malet 1869 Google Books. The regiment sailed for Madras in 1864 page 60
  • Pdf downloads available from the Light Dragoons Regimental Association include
    • Historical Memoirs of the XVIII (POW) Hussars likely to be The Historical Memoirs of the XVIIIth Hussars (Princess of Wales's Own) Collected and arranged by Colonel Harold Malet, published 1907
    • Memoirs of the 18th (QMO) Royal Hussars 1906-1922 likely to be The Memoirs of the 18th - Queen Mary's Own - Royal Hussars, 1906-1922, including operations in the Great War by Brig.-General Charles Burnett, published 1926.
    • History of 13th-18th (QMO) Hussars 1922-1947