Chitral Campaign

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Chitral Campaign
January-April 1895
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
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Location: Chitral, NWF
British & Indians Chitrali tribesmen
Submission of tribes
India General Service Medal (1895-1902)
Clasps: Defence of Chitral 1895, Relief of Chitral 1895
Category: North West Frontier Campaigns
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Chitral Campaign
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The British sent political agent Surgeon Major George Robertson to Gilgit to report on a dispute between rival claimants to the throne of Chitral. Sher Afzal attacked the force in Chitral Fort which was then besieged. Colonel James Kelly made an arduous journey through the snowy passes from Gilgit fighting two actions on the way. He arrived at Chitral to find that the Chitralis have discontinued the siege. Maj-Gen Sir Robert Low's larger force from Nowshera stormed the Malakand Pass and broke the Chitrali resistance. The region remained tranquil until further unrest led to the Malakand Field Expedition.

Campaign Actions

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Chitral Relief Force

15,249 troops under the command of Brig-Gen Sir Robert Low

First Brigade
Brig Gen A.A.Kinloch CB

Second Brigade
Brig Gen H.G.Waterfield

Third Brigade
Brig Gen W.F.Gatacre DSO

Divisional Troops

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