Malakand Field Expedition

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Malakand Field Expedition
7 August-6 December 1897
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
Location: Malakand, NWF
British & Indians Various Swat Valley tribes
Submission of tribes
India General Service Medal (1895-1902)
Clasps: Malakand 1897
Category: North West Frontier Campaigns


Increasing unrest culminated in a general uprising under a Pashtun fakir named Saidullah. The British forces at Malakand Camp and Chakdara were attacked but were relieved by forces from Nowshera. The Malakand Field Force fought a series of actions pushing into the Swat and Mohmand Valleys.

Earlier Actions

See also Battle of Malakand Camp 1897 and Battle of Chakdara.
These two actions resulted in the Malakand Field Expedition.

Malakand Field Force

Commanded by Maj Gen Sir Bindon Blood KCB
First Brigade
Brig Gen W.H.Meiklejohn CB CMG

Second Brigade
Brig Gen P.D.Jeffreys CB

Third Brigade
Brig Gen J.H.Wodehouse CB CMG

Divisional Troops

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