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St Marks Church From Cubbon Park Bangalore.jpg
Presidency: Madras
Coordinates: 12.966667°N, 77.566667°E
Altitude: 920 m (3,018 ft)
Present Day Details
Place Name: Bengaluru
State/Province: Karnataka
Country: India
Transport links
Chikballapur-Bangalore City Railway
Madras Railway
Mysore State Railway
Southern Mahratta Railway
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Bangalore (now Bengaluru) became part of British India in 1809. It was the scene of a mutiny in 1832, which was unsuccessful. Bangalore is the capital of the modern Indian state of Karnataka.

Although situated in Mysore State, which was a Princely State not part of British India, the Civil and Military Station at Bangalore was an Assigned Tract under British administration.

It was the location of a major cantonment which was in existence in 1829, and perhaps established earlier. The main barracks was Baird Barracks, in Cubbon Road.

Hebbal Camp and Gaza Camp were in existence during the First World War period and Hebbal Camp continued at least until the late 1920s.

During at least the Second World War there was an Officers' Training School - O T S Bangalore.

The Royal Air Force during the Second World War had a base in Bangalore which included Jalahalli and RAF Yelahanka.

During the Second World War there were Prisoner of War Camps for Italian prisoners at Jakkur, Hebbal and Jalahalli.[1]

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"Voyage to India (1945) Final Stage" by Des McDougall. Travelling to India, to the Officers’ Training School, Bangalore.
"A Jaundiced View" by Des McDougall. He was admitted to the BMH (British Military Hospital) in Bangalore. Includes details of the Italian POWs working in the hospital.
Nazis on the Playing Field by Gerald Wheatley mentions the O.T.S Bangalore.
Geoffrey Herbert Blake attended Officers’ Training School for six months from June 1943 after which he took up duties in Air Despatch, Royal Indian Army Service Corps. British Library Untold Lives Blog.


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Recommended by Peter Moore in Military reading list who says "... ending the war [WW2] as the Equitation Instructor at the Officer Cadet School in Bangalore”.


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