2nd Sikh War

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2nd Sikh War
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
Punjab district map.jpg
Location: Punjab
East India Company Sikh Empire
Result: British victory. Punjab annexed
Punjab Medal
Clasps: Mooltan, Chilianwala, Goojerat
Category: 2nd Sikh War
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2nd Sikh War
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Also known as the 2nd Anglo-Sikh War or the Punjab Campaign.


The British Resident in Lahore sent officers to Multan to compel the local viceroy to pay increased taxes. The officers were murdered and this encouraged an uprising of rebellious troops against the Sikh Government. After some initial actions the British sent a substantial force under Sir Hugh Gough. Major battles atChillianwala and Gujerat led to the surrender of the Sikhs. The British annexed the Punjab and Raja Duleep Singh went into exile.

Army of the Punjab

Order of Battle at Ramnuggur
Commander in Chief: Maj-Gen Sir Hugh Gough

Cavalry Division
Brigadier-General Charles Cureton

  • 2nd Brigade: Brigadier Pope

1st Infantry Division
Lt-Gen Sir Walter Gilbert

  • 1st Brigade: Brigadier Mountain
  • 2nd Brigade: Brigadier Godby

2nd Infantry Division
General Thackwell

  • 2nd Brigade: Brigadier Hoggan


  • 6 horse batteries: Lane, Christie, Huish, Warner, Duncan and Fordyce.
  • 3 field batteries: Dawes, Kenleside and Austin.
  • 2 heavy batteries.

FIBIS resources

  • "General Gilbert and the surrender of the Sikh Army" by Sarah Bilton FIBIS Journal Number 27 (Spring 2012), pages 14-22. For details of how to access this article see FIBIS Journals


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