3rd Carnatic War

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3rd Carnatic War
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
Location: Carnatic Region South India
East India Company French
Result: British victory
Category: 3rd Carnatic War
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3rd Carnatic War
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Suraj-ud-Daulah, Nawab of Bengal sought to drive the British out by capturing Calcutta. Robert Clive won a series of victories ending in the defeat of the Nawab at Plassey. Meanwhile the Seven Years War had broken out which caused renewed hostilities between the French and British in the Carnatic. The British under Eyre Coote finally defeated the French. War broke out again in Bengal after a conspiracy by the Dutch but the British eventually prevailed with a final victory at Buxar. The Treaty of Paris effectively ended French ambitions in India.

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Surrender of Kossimbazar 4 June 1756
Loss of Calcutta 20 June 1756
Recapture of Calcutta 2 January 1757
Battle of Hughli 11 January 1757
Battle of Chitpur 5 February 1757
Siege of Chandernagore 23 March 1757
Action at Trichinopoly 12-25 May 1757
Battle of Plassey 23 June 1757
Action off Cuddalore 29 April 1758
Loss of Cuddalore 4 May 1758
Loss of Fort St David 2 June 1758
Action off Negapatam 3 August 1758
Battle of Condore 9 December 1758
Siege of Madras 14 Dec 1758 - 17 Feb 1759
Battle of Masulipatnam 6 March - 7 April 1759
Action off Pondicherry 10 September 1759
Action off Melancholy Point 24 November 1759
Action at Chandernagore 24 November 1759
Battle of Biddera 25 November 1759
Capture of Wandiwash 29 November 1759
Capture of Carangoly 10 December 1759
Battle of Wandiwash 2-22 January 1760
Capture of Villenore 21 July 1760
Siege of Pondicherry 4 Sep 1760-16 Jan 1761
Capture of Vellore 26 December 1761
Patna Crisis 1762-63
Attack on Patna 24 June 1763
Battle of Manjee 1 July 1763
Battle of Cutwa 19 July 1763
Battle of Gheria 2 August 1763
Battle of Undwah Nala 5 September 1763
Sieges of Madura 1763-1764
Battle of Buxar 23 October 1764


Entries in the Dictionary of Indian Biography 1906

Comte d'Aché (1716-75)
Thomas Adams (?-1764)
Marquis de Bussy (1718-1785)
John Caillaud (1724-1812)
Robert Clive (1725-74)
Eyre Coote (1726-83)
Roger Drake
William Draper (1721-87)
Francis Forde (?-1770)
John Holwell (1711-98)
John Kilpatrick (?-1787)
Comte de Lally (1700-66)
Mir Jafar (1691-1765)
Mir Kasim (?-1777)
Hector Munro (1726-1805)
George Pocock (1706-1792)
Shuja-ud-Daulah (1731-75)
Joseph Smith (1733?-1790)
Charles Steevens (1705-61)
Suraj-ud Daulah (1731-57)
Charles Watson (1714-57)

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Historical books online

Volume 3 A collection of maps and plans to accompany the History ... is available at the British Library. (The Google Books edition is not usable).
The Indian Records Series: Bengal in 1756-1757: a selection of public and private papers dealing with the affairs of the British in Bengal during the reign of Siraj-Uddaula. Edited, with notes and an historical introduction, by S. C. Hill, late Officer in charge of the Records of the Government of India 1905. Volume I, Volume II, Volume III Archive.org.