Siege of Pondicherry 1761

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Siege of Pondicherry 1761
Part of 3rd Carnatic War
Seven Years War
Date: 4 September 1760-16 January 1761
Location: Pondicherry, Puducherry Union Territory
Presidency: Madras
Co-ordinates: 11.845116°N 79.875241°E
Result: British victory
East India Company French
Lt Gen Sir Eyre Coote
Rear-Admiral Charles Steevens
Comte de Lally
32 officer and 500 other ranks

This was an event during the 3rd Carnatic War


After a series of military successes, Eyre Coote moved to blockade Pondicherry with reinforcements from Britain. In September Major Monson was promoted colonel and took over command. He mounted an assault on the redoubts in the boundary hedge which formed the outer defence of the city. This was successful though Monson was wounded and had to relinquish command to Coote who completed the capture of the redoubts. In October batteries were constructed and bombardment began in November. In January 1761 the British blockading naval squadron under Rear-Admiral Charles Steevens was hit by a hurricane and severely reduced. Despite this set back the siege continued and the French garrison surrendered on 16 January.

Monson's assault force

1st Column under Col George Monson

2nd Column under Maj Joseph Smith

Steevens' naval squadron


Entries in the Dictionary of Indian Biography 1906
Eyre Coote (1726-83)
Comte de Lally (1700-66)
George Monson (1730-76)
Joseph Smith (1733?-90)
Charles Steevens (1705-61)

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