79th Regiment of Foot

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Third raising also known as Cameron Highlanders


1st Raising

  • 1757 raised as 64th Regiment of Foot on 14 November at Colchester by Colonel William Draper
  • 1758 became 79th Regiment of Foot
  • 1763 disbanded at the end of the Seven Year's War

2nd Raising

  • 1778 raised as 79th Regiment of Foot (Royal Liverpool Voluntiers) served as marines
  • 1784 disbanded at Liverpool

3rd Raising

  • 1793 raised in Scotland for Irish Establishment as 79th (Highland-Cameron Volunteers) Regiment of Foot
  • 1804 renamed the 79th Regiment of Foot (Cameron Highlanders)
  • 1873 renamed the 79th (The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders) Regiment of Foot
  • 1881 became The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
  • 1961 combined with the Seaforth Highlanders to form the Queen's Own Highlanders
  • 1994 amalgamated with the Gordon Highlanders to form The Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons)
  • 2006 amalgamated with the other Scottish infantry regiments into the single large Royal Regiment of Scotland becoming The Highlanders, 4th Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland (4 SCOTS)

Service in British India

In May 1930, following the massacre of Indians by Burmese in Rangoon, a detachment of the regiment occupied the centre of the Indian quarter, planting their machine-guns in such away as to make it impossible for the Burmese to invade the area.[1]

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