Sudan Campaign

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Sudan Campaign
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
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Location: Sudan
British, Egyptians and Indians Sudanese tribesmen
Result: Fall of Khartoum/British withdrawal
Egypt Medal 1882-89
Clasps: Suakin 1884, The Nile 1884-5, Abu Klea, Kirberkan, Suakin 1885, Tofrek, Gemaizah and Toski.
Category: Sudan Campaign

This page relates to actions of the Indian Contingent. For wider information on the Sudan Campaign see external links below.

Also called the Anglo-Sudan War or the Sudanese Mahdist Revolt.


In the 1870s a Muslim cleric named Muhammad Ahmad preached revolt against the Egyptian administration in Sudan. He proclaimed himself Mahdi and in 1883 defeated an Egyptian expedition. A second expedition led by European officers was massacred at El Obeid. Charles Gordon was sent to Sudan to supervise the withdrawal of occupying forces and was besieged in Khartoum. The British sent an expeditionary force under Lt-Gen Sir Gerald Graham, including an Indian contingent, to Suakin in March 1885. This fought two successful actions but failed to change the military situation and was withdrawn. A relief force under Sir Garnet Wolseley was dispatched but was unable to reach Khartoum before it fell and Gordon was killed. Sudan then passed completely under the control of the Mahdists.

Suakin Expeditionary Force

Lt-Gen Sir Gerald Graham VC commanding
Guards Brigade
Maj-Gen Lyon Fremantle

  • 1st Btn Coldstream Guards (840 men)
  • 2nd Btn Scots Guards (840 men)
  • 3rd Btn Coldstream Guards (834 men)
  • New South Wales Regiment (500 men)

2nd Infantry Brigade
Maj-Gen Sir John McNeill VC KCB

Indian Brigade
Brig-Gen John Hudson CB

Cavalry Brigade
Maj-Gen Sir Henry Ewart KCB


  • 6/B Royal Horse Artillery (six 9-pounders)
  • 5/I Scottish Divisional RA (six 2.5ins guns)
  • 6/I Ammunition Column, Scottish Divisional RA

Royal Engineers

  • 11th Coy attached to Mounted Infantry
  • 17th Coy RE (105 men)
  • 24th Coy RE (124 men)
  • 10th Railway Coy
  • Two sections Telegraph Battalion
  • Balloon Detachment


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