Egyptian Campaign 1882

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Egyptian Campaign
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
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Location: Egypt
British and Indians Egypt
Result: British victory
Egypt Medal 1882-89
Clasps: Alexandria 11 July 1882, Tel-El-Kebir 13 Sep 1882
Category: Egyptian Campaign
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Egyptian Campaign 1882
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The Egyptian Campaign 1882. Arabi Pasha led an uprising against the corrupt Khedive of Egypt declaring a new constitution in January 1882. Britain and France sent a combined fleet to Alexandria to protect their interests but domestic political events resulted in the French returning home. Admiral Beauchamp Seymour bombarded the city and occupied it. The British Expeditionary Force under Lieut Gen Sir Garnet Wolseley was prevented from advancing on Cairo at Kafr el Dawwar and then went by sea via the Suez Canal to Ismailia. Successful actions were fought at Kassassin and the Egyptians were finally defeated at the Battle of Tel el-Kebir. Cairo was captured, the Khedive restored and Urabi sent into exile.

British Expeditionary Force

(40,000+ troops)

1st Division (Lt Gen George Harry Smith Willis)

1st (Guards) Infantry Brigade (Maj Gen HRH Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught)

  • 2nd Battalion, Grenadier Guards
  • 2nd Battalion, Coldstream Guards
  • 1st Battalion, Scots Guards

2nd Infantry Brigade (Maj Gen Gerald Graham)

Divisional Troops

2nd Division (Lt Gen Sir Edward Hamley)

3rd (Highland) Infantry Brigade (Maj Gen Sir Archibald Alison)

4th Infantry Brigade (Maj Gen Sir Evelyn Wood VC)

Divisional Troops

  • 19th Hussars (2 Sqns)
  • 3rd Battalion, King's Royal Rifle Corps
  • I Battery, 2nd Field Brigade, Royal Artillery
  • N Battery, 2nd Field Brigade, Royal Artillery
  • 26 Field Company, Royal Engineers
  • 11 Company, Army Commissariat and Transport Corps
  • 2 Bearer Company, Army Hospital Corps (Half)
  • 4 Field Hospital, Army Hospital Corps
  • 5 Field Hospital, Army Hospital Corps

Indian Contingent (Maj Gen Sir Herbert Macpherson VC)

Cavalry Division (Maj Gen Drury Curzon Drury-Lowe)

1st (Heavy) Cavalry Brigade (Brig Gen Baker Russell)

2nd (Bengal) Cavalry Brigade (Brig Gen HC Wilson)

Division Troops

  • N Battery, 1 Horse Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery
  • Mounted Infantry Battalion (formed from Mounted Coys of line infantry battalions)
  • 17 Company, Army Commissariat and Transport
  • 6 Field Hospital, Army Hospital Corps

Army Troops

  • Naval Brigade
  • Battalion, Royal Marine Light Infantry
  • G Battery, 2nd Horse Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery
  • F Battery, 1st Field Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
  • H Battery, 1st Field Brigade, RFA
  • C Battery, 3rd Field Brigade, RFA
  • J Battery, 3rd Field Brigade, RFA
  • T Battery, 3rd Field Brigade, RFA
  • Royal Marine Artillery
  • 1 Battery, London Division, Royal Garrison Artillery
  • 4 Battery, London Division, RGA
  • 5 Battery, London Division, RGA
  • 5 Battery, Scottish Division, RGA
  • 6 Battery, Scottish Division, RGA

Army Train

  • A (Bridging) Troop, Royal Engineers
  • C (Telegraph) Troop, RE
  • Railway Troop, RE
  • 8 Field Company, RE
  • 17 Field Company, RE
  • 18 Field Company, RE
  • A Company, Queen’s Own Madras Sappers and Miners
  • I Company, QOMS&M
  • 8 Company, Army Commissariat and Transport Corps
  • 15 Company, ACT Corps
  • Auxiliary Company, ACT Corps
  • 2 Bearer Company, Army Hospital Corps
  • 1 Field Hospital, AHC
  • 3 Field Hospital, AHC
  • 7 Field Hospital, AHC
  • 8 Field Hospital, AHC

British Library

  • The book Military History of the Campaign of 1882 in Egypt prepared in the Intelligence Branch of the War Office by Col. J. F. Maurice with maps published 1887 is available at the British Library.
  • Also see Medals below.


Also see Medals and Medal Rolls

  • The Egypt Medal 1882-1889
  • Egypt 1882 : Dispatches, Casualties, Awards compiled by Peter Duckers. London : Spink, c 2001 is available at the British Library. This book appears in the catalogue as Egypt 1882, with no author given, with Duckers, Peter as an "added name".
  • "The Scarcity of Distinguished Conduct Medals for the Egyptian War of 1882" by J D O’Malley Orders and Medals Research Society Volume 45, No.3 (272) September 2006 pages 202-207 computer pages 52-57 html version, original pdf

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Historical Books on-line

  • Frontier and Overseas Expeditions from India Vol VI - Egyptian Campaign 1882
  • The War in Egypt Illustrations by Richard Simkin. Text from The Times 1883
  • Cassell's History of the War in the Soudan by James Grant 1885-86
  • The war in Egypt and the Soudan; an episode in the history of the British Empire. Being a descriptive account of the scenes and events of that great drama, and sketches of the principal actors in it by Thomas Archer
  • History of the Corps of Royal Engineers Vol II by Maj-Gen Whitworth Porter 1889 War in Egypt
  • Egypt 1882, page 102 Watson Pasha: a record of the life-work of Sir Charles Moore Watson, Colonel in the Royal Engineers by Stanley Lane-Poole. 1919
  • Page 202 Memories of Seven Campaigns: a record of thirty-five years' service in the Indian Medical Department in India, China, Egypt, and the Sudan by James Howard Thornton, Deputy Surgeon General, Indian Medical Service, late Principal Medical Officer Punjab Frontier Force. 1895 (The author was in the Bengal Medical Service 1856-1891). He was with the Indian contingent in Egypt and was in charge of the general hospital for the Indian Expedition.
  • Chapter 1 of With the R.A.M.C. in Egypt by "Serjeant-Major, R.A.M.C." 1918 refers to the Egyptian Campaign in 1882 and the Sudan Campaign in 1885, together with the 1896 and 1898 campaigns