Actions against the Senussi

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Actions against the Senussi
Part of Actions in Egypt 1914-15
Date: 25 December 1915 and 23 January 1916
Location: Gebel Medwa, Egypt
Presidency: not in British India
Co-ordinates: approx 31.236°N 27.142°E
Result: Senussi defeated
British and Indians Senussi tribesmen

This event was part of the Actions in Egypt 1914-15 in the First World War


In the winter of 1915-16 the Senussi, with Geman and Turkish money and arms , invaded Egyptian soil; the garrison at Sollum was surrounded and forced to surrender. Engagements were fought at Gebel Medwa in December 1915 and January 1916 which ended the Senussi opposition.

British Indian Forces

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  • The Senussi Campaign by Lieut.-Colonel W. S. Austin, D.S.O. , pages 42-62, Chapter III, The War Effort Of New Zealand A Popular History of (a) Minor Campaigns in which New Zealanders took part… published 1923. New Zealand Electronic Text Collection Victoria University of Wellington Library.