Actions at Kurree

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Actions at Kurree
Part of 2nd Maratha War
Date: 17 March & 30 April 1802
Location: Kadi, Gujarat
Presidency: Bombay
Co-ordinates: 23.300828°N 72.332181°E
Result: British victory
East India Company
Gaekwar of Baroda
Marathas under Rowjee Appajee
Major Alexander Walker
Colonel Sir William Clarke
Mulhar Rao
6,000 32,000


This was part of a campaign often seen as the beginning of the 2nd Maratha War. Kanoji Rao, illegitimate brother of Anunt Rao, disputed his succession tp the Gaikwar of Baroda. To back his own claim Khanoji enlisted the powerful support of his cousin Mulhar Rao who held the practically independent fiefdom of Kadi. Mulhar Rao raised an army of 32,000 men. In return for military assistance from the Company’s Bombay Army Anunt Rao promised territory and tax revenues to the East India Company. 6,000 British and Company troops attacked Mulhar Rao’s army and forced him to retreat. His fortress at Kadi, along with 58 guns, fell into British hands on 5th May 1802.

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