Army of the Deccan

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The Southern Force in the 3rd Maratha War under Sir Thomas Hislop with headquarters at Hyderabad

The Army of the Deccan

70,400 fighting men commanded by Sir Thomas Hislop

First or Advanced Division

Lt-Gen Sir Thomas Hislop commanding

Light Artillery Brigade Capt-Lt H Rudyerd

  • The Troop of Horse Artillery incl Cavalry Gallopers
  • The Rocket Troop

Cavalry Brigade Maj Lushington

Light Brigade Lt-Col Deacon

1st Infantry Brigade Lt-Col Thompson

2nd Infantry Brigade Lt-Col Robert Scott

  • 1st Battalion 14th Native Infantry
  • 2nd Battalion 6th Native Infantry

Second or Hydrabad Division

Brig Gen John Doveton commanding

Cavalry Brigade Maj H Munt

  • Three Brigades Horse Artillery
  • 6th Regiment of Light Cavalry

1st Infantry Brigade Lt-Col Mackellar

Berar Brigade Maj Pitman

  • Four Battalions Native Infantry
  • Detail of Artillery (8 guns)
  • Reformed Horse

Hydrabad Brigade Col Sir Augustus Floyer KCB

  • 1st Battalion 22nd Native Infantry
  • 1st Battalion 21st Native Infantry
  • Five Coys Madras European Regiment
  • Detail of Artillery
  • 1st Battalion 8th Native Infantry

Third Division

Brig-Gen Sir John Malcolm KCB KLS commanding

Brigade Col Patrick Walker, Brigadier

  • One Brigade Horse Artillery
  • 3rd Regiment of Light Cavalry
  • Five Coys 1st Battalion 3rd or Palamcottah Light Infantry
  • 1st and 2nd Regiments Russell Brigade
  • Two Battalions Ellichapoor Contingent (4 guns)
  • 4000 Mysore Horse

1st Infantry Brigade Lt-Col Mackellar

  • 1st Battalion 11th Native Infantry
  • 2nd Battalion 14th Native Infantry
  • 1st Battalion 12th or Wallajahbad Light Infantry
  • 1st Battalion 2nd Native Infantry

Fourth or Poonah Division

Brig-Gen Lionel Smith CB commanding

Cavalry Brigade Lt-Col Colebrooke

1st Infantry Brigade Lt-Col Milnes

2nd Infantry Brigade Lt-Col Fitzsimons

3rd Infantry Brigade

Fifth or Nagpoor Division

Lt-Col John W Adams CB commanding

1st Infantry Brigade Lt-Col M'Morin

  • 1st Battalion 10th Native Infantry
  • 2nd Battalion 23rd Native Infantry
  • 1st Battalion 19th Native Infantry

2nd Infantry Brigade Maj Popham

  • 2nd Battalion 10th Native Infantry
  • 1st Battalion 23rd Native Infantry
  • 2nd Battalion 19th Native Infantry

Reserve Brigade Lt-Col Gahan

  • 2nd Battalion 10th Native Infantry
  • Three Troops Native Horse Artillery
  • 5th Native Cavalry
  • 6th Native Cavalry
  • 1st Rohilla Cavalry
  • Light Infantry Battalion

The Reserve Division

Brig-Gen Munro commanding
Brig-Gen Pritzler second in command

Artillery Brigade Lt-Col Dalrymple

Cavalry Brigade Maj John Doveton, 7th Light Cavalry

Infantry Brigade Col Hewitt CB

  • European Flank Battalion
  • Four Coys Madras Rifle Corps
  • 2nd Battalion 4th Native Infantry
  • 2nd Battalion 12th Native Infantry

The Goozerat Division
Maj-Gen Sir William Grant Keir KMT commanding

Cavalry Brigade Lt-Col the Hon L Stanhope

1st Infantry Brigade Lt-Col Elrington

2nd Infantry Brigade Lt-Col Corsellis

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